Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Princess Of Swords. Army Military Conspiracy Special Forces Assassin Executive Action Defence Secret Classified Covert Clandestine VIP Katerina Motovska Paramilitary

Princess of Swords Tarot Army Military Special Forces SPECOPS Mossad Conspiracy Knife Combat Murder - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsCOMBAT KNIFE/DAGGER – Army, Military, symbol of Special Forces (=concealed, to remove an enemy silently, cutting vulnerable throat, from behind, cowardly, from shadows and darkness, using silencer, indirect FEMALE approach, not facing a superior adversary directly)

ROPE – (=on her forearm, for harnessing people, to create pawns and slaves), control, power, influence, prison, an Intelligence Service (BIS)

REBELLION/CONSPIRACY – (=broken chain on her wrist), the masterminds and assets got totally out of control, they ignore all laws and morality now, they don’t obey rules anymore, they create them, they destroy old rule and set up new.

SURVEILLANCE – (=many eyes on her head), they are watching, what you do, what you think, also electronically, watching you day and night, analyzing your every move, to make a counter move, to keep you as their pawn, an useful asset, which can be discarded any time, when not needed anymore, even with extreme prejudice.

MURDER/ASSASSINATION – (=red color of her hair and face means spilling of blood), as a tool to achieve goals, or remove pests, in the higher interest. Those people are absolutely not afraid to use violence, towards anybody, because there will be nobody to judge and punish them. They are perfectly trained military assassins, balanced, dedicated, devoted, under constant supervision, so they will sleep well, not haunted by your dead eyes.

MANY OF THEM (=her hair on right side, reminding a slub of snakes). There is more of them, those dangerous military conspirators, working in synergy against you, they are well organized, structured, and you are just their pawn, they have much bigger goals in mind, and nothing is impossible for them, they have their unlimited black funds, and with money, you can achieve just anything…

 HIDDEN (=she hides one eye, symbol of Illuminati)… they have simple agenda: to rule the world! But you will never know, because they will always remain partially hidden, covert, clandestine, revealing only what they want, via their media control, but gathering many occult wisdoms, even executing secret religious rituals, like resurrecting Prophet Isa (Jesus). They will also execute so called “false flag” operations, so the blame and anger of public will be conveniently redirected at another entity (see Under The Black Flag, misusing Islamic State terrorists for highest interests of Czech military-industrial complex).

Live symbol of this card in The Unit‘s service:
Katerina Motovska, upcoming Minister of Defence

The card is from Rohrig Tarot deck, known to have devastating spiritual power, only to be used by experienced witches:

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS

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