Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – The Corporation

Without any doubt, “The Corporation”, called with sinister name “Wu”, as they are allegedly connected to the highest ranks of Chinese Communist Party, became the most substantial phenomenon in modern history of the business world. Special methods of conducting business and recruitment, with alleged PSY usage, allowed The Corporation to grow very quickly – and even too quickly, so The Corporation attracted much attention from security and Intelligence services worldwide. However, all attempts to get “inside” the highest structures of the company failed.

We can’t confirm or deny whether we participated in an infiltration operation, or whether The Corporation cooperated in any capacity with the Military, or our Unit, excluding supplies of certain military hardware. However, our highly skilled male and female operatives are always ready for any possible challenge, and no walls, boundaries and alleged scientific countermeasures can stop them.

We also can’t confirm or deny whether we cooperated in any capacity or not with EXFOR paramilitary unit, established by The Corporation.

Our alleged use of specialized chemicals, manufactured by The Corporation, means of Chemical Warfare in our arsenal, is often questioned, but no statement can be provided officially from our side.
PHE-X Artificial Female Pheromone Chemical Warfare substance business military operations influence persuasion - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Read our official statement to “The Device”, allegedly with Time Displacement ability, as the Czech tabloid media reported, constructed by The Corporation.
The Device by Alan Svejk S wide

Read about our Asian Warfare department, to counter the extending Chinese worldwide influence:
Special Unit C102 PSYOPS Asian Warfare - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Read more about our possible participation, manufacured artistically, in a book: Operation Naked Truth: The Illuminati Conspiracy
Operation Naked Truth The Illuminati Conspiracy in Business and Military Zuzana Kajnarova Corporation multinational - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

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