Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – The Device

We were asked by higher places to provide some answers to all concerned citizens, who heard disturbing rumors of the tabloid media about so called “The Device”, allegedly with special and dangerous functions, including Time Displacement Capability, and constructed by The Corporation, with strong potential to change the world history.

We want to announce publicly, that such Device never existed. Even if it would exist, its use would be strictly controlled by the United Nations, and the only allowed missions using the Device would be Intelligence missions into the past. However, inside our national territory, such missions wouldn’t need the UN’s approval, only green light from Special Parliamentary Comission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weaponry.

However, there is an unclear and unconfirmed report from one of our top operatives, who is now MIA (Missing In Action), last seen near Lhota village just after Operation Naked Truth. The last report, sent during her final assignment, distorted and with unverificated origin, says:

“… the Device works intentionally both on macro and micro level, so it’s possible to alter the reality by using technological and psychological measures combined. Mentioned PSY actions include using false witnesses (recruited from amateur actors) and careful creating of various and most persuasive side events, influencing affected persons yet more, that The Device works as promised, so they’ll believe sooner or later, that all depicted events they experienced during their exposure to The Device really happened, or at least they can’t exclude such possibility… rumored use of extremely advanced chemicals, delivered by the Chinese.”

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