Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Unofficial Anthem

As the Unit is nicknamed “Esterogen Mafia” by evil tongues, because many capable female combat operatives are trained and deployed both home and abroad by the Unit, including reputated assassins like Marketa Vselichova from Executive Action (EX) department, who was able to eliminate more than 100 Islamic State terrorists using a distinctive M-82 anti-material sniper rifle, called “The Syrian Shark”, the unofficial anthem of the Unit, “La Femme” (The Woman), is directly connected to the female essence… not speaking about usage of specialized chemicals, based on female sex pheromone, as an offensive weapon of Chemical Warfare, used frequently by the Unit, in their domestic or foreign operations.

The Woman

Her nails are tentacular,
And if she takes your hand,
It’s like a thunderstorm
Coming to break the silence.
Beware of the high North winds.
Be careful, I’m getting close
To bite you, bite you.
Being wary of me sounds really wise to me
So to keep away from vice and from all the evil spells.
And if she sees you, and didn’t come back to you,
That means there is still a chance.
Oh tell me, sweetheart.
I’m the angel or the demon
Who misleads you and talks to you.
When, under silence pressure,
You take your chance.
And decide to run away,
Far away from my influence.
And if she sees you
And didn’t come back to you,
That means there is still a chance.
Come to break the silence,
The woman is holding out her white hand to you.
If you take it,
This will be the shivers of your life.

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