Streets Belong To Young Seducing Sexy Witches. Facebook Instagram Digital Technology Addiction VIP Misery. Estrogen Illuminati Zionist Conspiracy Slavery Corruption Decadence Feminine Matriarchy

Some things never change… like those magical afternoons, you know, sun is high, sky is blue, the air is clear and promising, pregnant with unlimited opportunities, the Spring is coming, life is beautiful, and the school ends for today, so literally an army of young smiling seducing relaxed girls floods the streets of all big Western cities mercilessly, to take your male peace away, because they are young and sweet and innocent and unused and fresh and naive and cute and…

It’s in your male nature.

How well these young witches smell, like roses from the king’s garden… under their clothes, you feel that well smelling young pink pussies, waiting for their first deep contact and ejaculation of your white hot male “legacy” inside them, to taste real life and depth of their own feminity… will it be with you, or some other fool will be let to acquire the privilege, stealing the daisy chain from them, making you a loser, first in the long line of losers, who will come too late, only to finish the rest of delicious food after big banquet, which you missed, as no one invited you, or rather your ignorance and passivity banned you from the door?

And the girls have these school colorful backpacks from reputated “urban” VANS apparel brand, with its headline “Off The Wall”, and inside, certainly, there are books of romantic Prevert verses, and of course a cell phone with big screen, because the sluts are deeply addicted, although they deny it, they are this new lost generation, who never experienced anything else, than being constantly online, all the time checking their smartphones for “new content” and “updates from friends” and “important news”, challenged and seduced by many rats like that Jew and devoted Facebook Zionist Mark Zuckerberg to “stay connected” and “be informed”

Not realizing, that their brain cells become negatively altered by devastating influence of information technology, and this change can’t be undone, that they allow various sociopathic rats to manipulate them with state-of-the-art PSY procedures, just by serving them the right “news”, to create emotional states of obsession, desire, shopping mania or depression, as the masterminds like, because they need to play with you, never allowing peace and stability, because only unstable and distracted, you can be controlled perfectly, like a modern slave, a sheep in the pen, that’s what you and they are.

Who knows, what is it to fuck those “online” girls? Those new, mindless slaves, whose private thoughts remain far from you, in the shiny online world, with their heads full of obsession of saving electric energy, yoga, waste sorting, organic farming, ecology, New Age wisdoms, helping to starving Africa, social engineering, babbling about equality of all humans, denying overall concept of genders as “traditional”, “obsolete”, “stereotyped”, “biased” and “outdated”, and what is the worst sin, denying Allah, their creator, in their utmost infidel arrogance… their soul is imprisoned in the destructive, corrupted world of social media, full of propaganda, fake colors and the most advanced procedures of psychological manipulation ever deployed on people.

Will she keep thinking about that Facebook or Instagram, even when fucking with you? Or is her addiction so deep, so she simply can’t stop living in this shiny but fake VIP world of social media mind control and slavery?

The only advantage of that older, second-hand, repeatedly grasped sluts of your own generation is, that you have something in common, that you are somehow connected. Indeed, they are used up, bitter and their hearts were broken, their skin is not so fresh anymore, their pussies got dark from all that thousands of sexual intercourses they undertook before you, but at least you can sigh and age together, with deep understanding of each other… two miserable fools, who find cure for desperation and disappointment in each other’s embrace. Congratulations to this life success, infidel!

But those older sluts won’t make you young, fool, unlike that young innocent bitches from high school, who live different and present life, not burdened with memories, traumas, sentiments and bad feelings. Why should they drown in memories, and past, like you, fool? Contemplating about your past mistakes all the time, not able to let go, to forget, to move forward? To keep thinking “What If”… why should they, if there is always a new rich content on Facebook, any second, and you have no time to look back, to prevent missing “important new sexy great viral content”?

Are these girls those witches you need, to lead you out from your endless misery, to liberate you, like some fucking alleged angels?

The truth is, that only ALLAH can do that, not some young dumb worthless infidel slut, unless she becomes a Muslim, after Love Jihad will be deployed on her.

Indeed, you should submit to the will of Allah at once, at least to start memorizing The Shahadah, as you never know, how much time Allah gives you in this worldly transient life… and deathbed conversion is not valid.

Indeed, who are all the sluts of the world in comparison with Allah? Nothing! They are just fitnah, temptation, test… and you are losing it, because your desire is endless, any slut removes her dress, or shows her seducing body, and your eyes become crazy, you forget everything, even yourself, filling your mind only with the bitch, a mere mortal, a mere pile of flesh and blood, transient, with her beauty waning quickly, after reaching 23 years of age, her life top… ask yourself, who is she, in comparison with Allah? And you want to be as miserable as her?

This way, living this miserable animal life, there can never be peace. The sluts always keep coming, provoking, seducing, playing their game, and you keep making fool from yourself by following them, succumbing to their cheap magic, witchcraft games and manipulation again and again… and you are starting to get desperate, living in this eternal confinement of bothering desire.

The infidel society is really corrupted, and it’s crushing men with the devastating power of estrogen hormone, released everywhere, including drinking water… not speaking about recent Estrogen Conspiracy, and the basic question is: are those young witches victims of it, or an integral part of it? Accomplices, culprits, criminals, participating in this female revolution with single purpose, to remove men from rule, and establish matriarchy?

What will become from those sluts, when they will be older? Don’t they serve as a decoy, to keep you distracted, whereas male power, aggression, obsession for authority, dominance and control, your curses, will be eliminated from the world, designated as harmful and threatening sustainable future of human kind by their older wise sisters, who are using most advanced weapons to achieve their goal, including witchcraft, occult wisdoms, secret rituals, Public Relations, cooking, Lawfare, activism, soft power, fashion models and many other measures? Who infect your mind with subversive propaganda, teaching you to be gentle and sensitive and accepting and tolerant and indifferent and passive, not to be an obstacle for their master plans, backed by poweful VIP women of Social Engineering Conspiracy, like Katerina Valachova?

Those all are so complicated questions, and you are tired of thinking, you need some simple and effective cure: ISLAM!

Fool, you should take an Islamic Tour, go to an Islamic country, Turkey or Emirates for example, befriend with the local brothers, convert to Islam from heart, and if Allah will permit, maybe there will be a Muslim woman, willing to marry you, to get into rich and wealthy, but corrupted European Union, still under infidel oppression, and you, with help and blessing of Allah, YOU will help to secure the residence permit for her, so more and more harbingers of Islam can come into the EU, to liberate Europe from dark infidel misery and decadence, oppression and madness, corrupted values and following fake idols.

And imagine, you will have many children together, also devoted Muslims, an Army of Islam, who will conquer and liberate Europe, including mythical Al-Andalus, using merciless, but peaceful Demographic Jihad… oh, that will be sweet! You will be a part of something REALLY great, writing history! You will do something GOOD and BIG! You will have immense value, and purpose, because as a Muslim, you always know, what you should do with your life: it’s so simple, to worship Allah yet more, to please Him yet more, so maybe He will please you, giving you rewards and perks, which you don’t need to share with anybody, and no other fool can steal them from you!

This is, what you should do, fool! Because those street infidel VANS sluts, deeply under influence of Shaytan and Illuminati and Estrogen masterminds, are stealing all the energy and balance from you, creating a weak wreck from you, persuading you to accept all that decadent ideas of postmodern Western society as good and positive… but how could you do such a sin and bad preposterous move, taking you away from Allah, the only deity, from His unlimited Compassion and Mercy, from His unlimited gifts for you? To exchange all these immense unique ultimate treasures for some worthless enslaved dumb slut, who means nothing, who will pass, a mere mortal, whose beauty will disappear soon, who will only drag into slavery, into darkness of Devil from the guiding light of Allah? Will you choose her as your bad guide… or Allah, the Eternal?

Who loves and accepts a slave… becomes a slave.
And their future children will be slaves.
Infidel love is not liberation.
Only Allah is liberation.

Truth About Men: Allah Is Real Manhood

Estrogen Conspiracy: Rise of Matriarchy

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