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You, woman!


Do you feel unhappy in your life?

Do you need a new start, a new epoch, more successful times?

Do you need a good, well paid job with unlimited opportunities of future professional growth, where only your results decide?

Do you want to live a happy, satisfied life, doing good work for higher interests and mighty China, No. 1 superpower, future of the world?

Do you feel, that your potential isn’t fulfilled, because of that rats around, stealing resources from you, blocking your rise to the stars, so you can’t be better than them?

Do you feel, that you have so much of special female qualities, which could change the world, making you unstoppable?

Are you ready for the most demanding challenges, risky exciting assignments in VIP environment, but rewarded more than generously?

Do you want a job, where all your dreams will be fulfilled, where all your special skills and feminity will be well used, where you will become the woman, who you always wanted to be?



Wu Corporation, a Chinese multinational business company, offers you a chance of your life!

A very important part of our business operations are so called SUKAs (=meaning “bitch” in Russian), or Executive Assistants For Subversive Covert Action, backing and supporting our operatives, helping to achieve our big goals, even with apparently menial tasks!

We use girls and women of all ages, with all degress of education, beauty, style and weight… every capable, loyal and trustworthy woman can find her good successful place at SUKA ranks!

And what will be your tasks?

– creating fake evidence
– fake witnesses and testimony
– orchestrating media scandals
– creating shocking love affairs
– impersonating human assets
– executing provocations to make unrest
– artificial crowds of “concerned citizens”
– applying pressure on persons of interest
– spreading poisonous rumours
– seducing men
– luring them, where we want them
– pouring lies into their ears
– faking pregnancies for extortion
– bribery of state officials
– smuggling of contraband
– fake membership of various organizations
– participation at secret gatherings
– installing bugs for surveillance
– “borrowing” important documents
– posing with VIP fools for the photographers
– partying on a yacht at Monaco, and waiting for an order for action…

To understand the SUKA’s functions, read about successful deployment of a SUKA team, supporting our asset, Tereza Lipanova, codename Golden Sphinx, against an elite Israeli Mossad operative, Nataly Hay!

The options of your assistance are completely unlimited, and there will be always available targets for you, as Chinese interests in the world are vast, and there is only one acceptable result: Chinese global dominance!

Primary assistance, requested from you, to test your skills in the field, will be Casino Environment, particularly Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) and Monaco: seducing gamblers to bigger spending, keeping them in the venue as long as possible, distracting their control of time, manipulating them to more games, to return to the rulette, to forget all worldly obligations… so China can make more money!

You, woman, can help China… and China will help you!

Details of operation:

Every woman is filed in her age category, together with a letter, designating her “class” (related to training and experience), plus an unique 2048-digit code is assigned to her, describing her features and special qualities, so a suitable SUKA can be found for ad-hoc purposes easily.

Every SUKA, regardless of her work position or place of residence, must be prepared for immediate deployment 24/7/365, and there are no excuses or exceptions.. all failures will be reprimanded, see below.

All SUKAs are expected to obey orders into the last dot, except cases of necessary improvising, and to be strong and dedicated team players, who understand their supportive role for our other assets, willing to go above presumed boundaries of the work contract

Repayment for services:

Except stable wage of attractive amount, there are also special bonuses, if primary and secondary goals and tasks are achieved, and how much was a particular SUKA effective

Additional employee advantages:

– free tarot card readings

– original Prada handbags and luxury designer clothing, to “fit in”
– general support for international modeling/corporate/witchcraft career, incl. tabloid media campaigns

– free training in espionage and honey traps

– free education in foreign languages and culture
– free travel to many world destinations
– meeting many VIPs, being a part of VIP world
– free medical interventions at our GHC Clinic, incl. plastic surgery, and beauty advisory by Eliska Buckova

Illuminati membership for selected women with high potential
– additional perks by Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS)

witchcraft training, black magic rituals, sexual orgies

Punishment for betrayal and treason:

Various, depends on seriousness and consequences of the crime: from simple media destruction, hacking attack against bank account, to terminating work contract with extreme prejudice


Are you interested?
Because this offer, it’s exactly, what you were looking for!

Yes, we don’t want education or perfect CV from you! We don’t mind, that instead of building your career, you spent years in laziness, fucking with some fool, taking care of some bastards!

The recruitment process:

1) Visit Wu Corp’s Main Offices Dubai (Emirates) for preliminary testing and security screening.

You will have to fill our obligatory Basic Questionnaire (and women with Police, Military or Intelligence background also Advanced Questionnaire), plus Counter-Infiltration survey, to prevent those BIS rats, snitches and informers from infiltrating the ranks of our happy employees!

You will be also tested by our famous and reliable Gronholm Method, plus Multi-Layer examination, including polygraph

2) Travel into Monaco, find Le Cercle Des Ambassadeurs casino, and ask for Maria Petlickova, Executive Director of Special Casino Operations

And the rest is in God’s most merciful hands!

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