T-72 SURIKATA (Superior Unmanned Resistant Intelligent Killing Assault Terrorizing Armor)


Utilizing Czech surplus T-72s, these obsolete Russian armored vehicles, absolutely unsuitable for demanding modern battlefields, were upgraded with state-of-the-art technology and PSY measures massively, to provide fully unmanned armored support with devastating effectivity, terrorizing any enemy, either regular military forces, or guerillas.

The improved vehicle, looking like a standard, inconspicuos T-72B tank deliberately, is practically a giant relay tower of The Device (military version), transmitting both PSY and data packages into wide vicinity, to influence both human and automated target recognition systems of the enemy, by creating unlimited number of its fully persuasive virtual/visual copies, including corresponding thermal footprint, and each of these copies is behaving fully antonomously, confusing any enemy, who is not able to identify the real vehicle, and resist such unstoppable apparent army of armor, rolling towards his positions without fear, or hesitation.

The vehicle uses Intelligent autonomous system of high-value target recognition, to cripple the enemy CaC (Control and Command) assets, while ignoring less-value targets. Thus, the T-72 SURIKATA can effectively infiltrate the enemy rear, using reliable cover of its decoys, and destroy the high command of the enemy in a surprising strike of its fast-firing 125mm cannon with advanced auto-loader, able to fire a grenade every 1.8 seconds, equipped with depleted uranium (DU) artillery shells to use on demand.

The product’s chassis is filled with massive explosive charge, shaped both outwards (masked as common reactive armor) and inwards, to prevent any attempt of vehicle’s capture, and reverse-engineering by the enemy, or to demolish the most sensitive sites of the enemy, particularly communication hubs, key military leaders and Intelligence assets, so it can operate also as an unmanned killer vehicle (UKV). It can be equipped with tactical nuclear warhead or chemical charge as well.

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