Illuminati Crimes: LIDL Czech Tree Media Public Controversy Affair Cause Conspiracy Boycott Germany Corporate Business National Ecology Nature Protection Activism Lawfare Eco Defence

In 2003, when LIDL, an Illuminati-owned German multinational supermarket chain (Baron Von Strachowitz, Munich lodge), was expanding mercilessly into the Czech Republic, the ruthless Illuminati masterminds used highly controversial means to promote their business interests, like felling of hundred of… Continue Reading

SHDC: Save Humans Destroy Computers – Public Interest Group Against Digital Technology IT Robots Science AI Artificial Intelligence

Back to purity Destroy Computers, or Computers Will Destroy You Public Interest Group Save Humans – Destroy Computers (SHDC) THOSE MONESTERS ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS??? THE EVIL GIVES YOU BAD ADVICES, AND YOU LISTEN THAT MONSTER IS A BETTER COMPANION,… Continue Reading