Illuminati Occultist Elite: Adela Cermakova Adel, New Powerful Feminine Leader of VIP Illuminati Conspiracy Emerged. New Age Cult, Sectarian Procedures, Brainwashing, Mind Control

You can’t think about those mysterious Illuminati and dangerous occultists from Order of White Serpent like some crazy obsessed fools, hidden in some dark cellars at tbeir medieval castles in the Bavarian Alps, and planning to take over the world…… Continue Reading

Message from Syria

The current refugee crisis in Europe has many conseuqences, challenges and implications for the present and the future. It seems, that the European political and social map will be strongly influenced with this event, and citizens of affected European countries… Continue Reading

How to Beat McKinsey Consultants by Alan Svejk

For decades, these McKinsey highly self-confident boys and girls declared their supremacy in Business Intelligence. But that times are over. The famous Svejk family enters the same business battlefield… and in large! In the upcoming year of 2015, I plan… Continue Reading