Islamic Princess Maryam (30): Woman Of Interest. Marketa Korinkova Emirates Dubai UAE Abu Dhabi Fashion Model VIP Amwaj Jewellery Al Dhaheri Star Celebrity Islam Muslim Allah Ali Sons Ruwaya Elite

Even if you serve as an elite member of the Czech Militarized Police (PCR), you are still not so different from other hungry people, who desire for a proper professional career, climbing the corporate ladder slowly, but certainly, up to… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Deadly Toxins. Biological Warfare WMD Weaponized Anthrax Terrorist Terrorism Rebellion Insurgency Guerilla China Chinese Industrial Biotechnology Research Scientific

“Dr. Thrax Approved” recommended for all advanced terrorist, guerilla and insurgency groups Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Cheaper alternative of nuclear armament Deadly Toxins for devastating Biological Warfare Weaponized Anthrax (Beta, Gamma) Part of Vintage Terrorist collection Used by insurgents from… Continue Reading

Terrorist Conspiracy: Intro. Rebellion Guerilla Insurgency Warfare Activism Freedom Fighters Executive Action Liberation Oppression. Terrorism Assault Attack Revenge Violence Combat War Armed

“If terrorists wouldn’t exist… we would have to invent them.” (unnamed CIA official) — Memory Of Iraq Under The Black Flag Last Flight of Kamikaze Islamic State IS ISIS ISIL: March Against Europe Global Liberation Army (GLA) Alhambra Conspiracy Hit… Continue Reading

Global Liberation Army (GLA): Modern Multinational Terrorist VIP Organization. Revolution Guerilla Rebellion Insurgency Terrorism Conspiracy Worldwide Division Subversion Sabotage

GLA is a multinational terrorist organization of modern advanced type, operating in all regions of the world, like Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL), secretly supported and funded by Chinese Wu Corporation, through their controversial Terrorism Financing programme, to instigate wide unrest in… Continue Reading