Islamic Princess Maryam (32): Dark Motherly Love

Indeed a touching reunion! As soon as Marketa Maryam Korinkova, called The Islamic Princess, former top Czech female fashion model, who found Allah and her destiny in the Emirates, converting to Islam there, accepting a new Arabic name of Maryam,… Continue Reading

The Maryam Affair (9): The Dark Side of Dubai

It could seem, that Marketa Korinkova, a Czech top fashion model, who converted to Islam in the United Arab Emirates, and later accepted a new Islamic name Maryam, to change the world and to inspire thousands to follow Islam, couldn’t… Continue Reading

Mysterious disappearance of fashion model Daniela Kyrova allegedly solved after 20 years, using classified military technology

Several weeks before the 20th anniversary of mysterious disappearance of a young Czech fashion model Daniela Kyrova (*1977), never solved even by the experienced Czech police forces, perceived as one of the best security organizations around the world, the case… Continue Reading

NUSHI Fashion Magazine For New Woman

Every modern woman has many high life goals, and to achieve them, she needs at least two things: high-quality information, so she can decide the right way, and entertainment, so she can relax after her demanding job, leading her to… Continue Reading