Islamic Princess Maryam (33): Girl’s World In Fire

Indeed, Wednesdays are the most favorite, even festive days for many Czech citizens. The reason is, that every Wednesday morning, like clockwork, a new issue of Heavy Slander, the key Czech tabloid magazine, hits the news stands and city streets… Continue Reading

The Maryam Affair (4): A Star is Born

It’s just four years ago, when a top Czech fashion model Marketa Korinkova, who later accepted an Islamic name Maryam, started her star media career, leading her to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, then inevitable conversion to Islam and a new… Continue Reading

Tales From A Mosque (6): Tawbah’s Sin

The girl’s name was Tawbah and she came into Austria from a distant rural area of Algeria, with low education, speaking only a little English, but with large girlish dreams to fulfill: to be somebody, to find freedom and job opportunities… Continue Reading

Ghetto Qur’an: Money, Power, Respect, Islam

In 2000, an American rapper 50 Cent (aka Curtis James Jackson) made almost a fatal mistake, by publishing a song called “Ghetto Qur’an”, where he allegedly publicly revealed certain serious criminal activities of his hip hop adversaries from the neighbourhood of… Continue Reading

Martina Gavriely: Life of Lies, Diversion and Denial

Whoever meets an expired Czech socialite, former TV presenter and cheap porn model Martina Gavriely (*1978, the year of birth is disputed), he or she must admit, that this woman was blessed with a physical body of a goddess. Although she had… Continue Reading

Tears of Monika Maresova

For every woman, meeting a man of her girlish dreams, who can fulfill all her imaginations about perfect love relationship and satisfy her needs, is a primary life mission. Although she plays modern, independent and free, still, this goal is… Continue Reading

Arabic, Israeli and EXFOR belly dancers in the Middle Eastern cultural warfare

That lasting, bloody and ruthless civil war in Syria completely changes the relationships in the whole Middle East and the future of the world. The countless enemies of yesterday are becoming allies of today and vice versa, and nobody can predict what… Continue Reading

Generál ze Lhoty

Ve vsi jim nejprve skoro nevěnovali pozornost. Nadporučík se nahlásil hlídce na okraji obce, která však ani nechtěla vidět doklady a ukazovala jim, aby rychle pokračovali dál, zmizeli z otevřeného prostranství. Mezi domy, z nichž několik bylo značně poškozeno dělostřelbou,… Continue Reading

Prácička pro blbý

„To je slovo skutečného rozvědčíka, pane kapitáne,” rádoby uznale prohodil náměstek Kadlec. „Nyní máte řešení, a jak vás poslouchám, tak tentokrát se to již provede dozajista správně! Slyšel jsem tu fascinující zprávu, že vámi tajemně zmíněné extra speciální zpravodajské assets… Continue Reading