Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation – Wealthy Seniors, Immortality Research, Resurrect Jesus, DNA Genetics, GHC, Eternal Life, Illuminati Conspiracy, Occultism Elite VIP, Katerina Motovska, Witchcraft

Spiritual Occultism segment by Wu Corp Backed by Baroness Eleonore of Kessler (Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland) “BRINGING DEAD BACK TO LIFE” “Your Beloved Ones Can Live Forever” Immortality Research, Secret Magical Rituals Offering help with getting into paradise (after life, hereafter) Spiritual… Continue Reading

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Black Military Operations – Czech Special Forces Army Conspiracy Suspicion Accusation Rumor Media Controversy Commando Funds Shell Corporation Mystery

Financed by Baroness Kessler Foundation, to obtain money from wealthy senior citizens, in exchange for full amnesty of their worldly crimes, to provide black funding for black military operations of Czech Special Forces, like Seducing Gal Gadot Executive Director: Katerina Motovska,… Continue Reading

WU Corporation: Diamond Investments

Stratton Oakmont Inc. – accusations of generating black funds for black military operations, terrorism financing Blood Diamonds, African Mines De Beers Antwerp, ADB (Antwerp Diamond Bank) All owned by multinational Wu Corporation, a tool for Chinese global domination through control of economy… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Stratton Oakmont Inc. Brokerage House Long Island New York

Stratton Oakmont Brokerage House, owned by Wu Corporation (China) Location: Long Island, New York Investment Banking, Stock Exchange Shares and securities fraud to provide black funds for black military operations. Used as a front for Terrorism Financing Diamond investments: De Beers Antwerp… Continue Reading

Fashion Models Illuminati SPECOPS Conspiracy: Operation ANGELIC VAMPIRE

Slaves of Darkness: Illuminati Vampires With Angelic Faces Uncovered Zuzana Jandova: Woman Is Deception. Elite Fashion Model In National Security Service Zuzana Jandova: Her Code Name Is Black Widow. Elite Fashion Model Knows How To Enchant Men Lea Rue: Illuminati Know No Mercy.… Continue Reading

EXFOR: The future of counterterrorist operations and defeating the Islamic state

Let’s face the sad and disturbing truth: neither the NATO or the U.S. Military are able to defeat the Islamic State, also called the Islamic Caliphate (IS, ISIS, ISIL or Daesh), spreading from Iraq and Syria further into the world.… Continue Reading