Islamic Bondgirl Alison Doody: Called To Jihad

The James Bond movies are indeed a lasting phenomenon of the Western decadent culture and corrupted mass entertainment, to keep the sheep distracted by “bread and games”: since 1962, the franchise is still running, and 25 movies was produced already, whereas… Continue Reading

Shirley Bassey: Diamonds Are Forever

Her song “Diamonds Are Forever” used in many advertisements for Diamonds and Diamond Investments by De Beers Antwerp, a Wu Corporation‘s subsidiary Amwaj Jewellry – Dubai, United Arab Emirates (main media face: Marketa Korinkova Maryam) Anthem: Diamonds Are Forever by Shirley… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Stratton Oakmont Inc. Brokerage House Long Island New York

Stratton Oakmont Brokerage House, owned by Wu Corporation (China) Location: Long Island, New York Investment Banking, Stock Exchange Shares and securities fraud to provide black funds for black military operations. Used as a front for Terrorism Financing Diamond investments: De Beers Antwerp… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Investment Banking

New York Stratton Oakmont – Broker trading firm with 126 years tradition Secret undermining of US and world economy (launching 2008 global economic crisis by massive selling of mortgage bonds Using corporate legal services of Kenner Bach Ledeen Merrill Lynch… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: WU International Banking

Collects black money deliberately, offers assistance in illegal financial transactions, incl. Money laundering by Stratton Oakmont Inc. (casino gambling business) and allegedly even financial support of terrorism Tax heavens – Cayman Islands main financial centre Purpose: to collect Intelligence on dirty trades… Continue Reading