Islamic Princess Maryam (34): Woman’s Dream

It’s so good feeling to be back in the big social game, Maryam thinks, when she finishes reading of latest issue of “Heavy Slander” gossip magazine, where she was clearly described as a key woman, who is not only a mere… Continue Reading

Zuzana Jandova: Long Journey To Illuminati Elite. Can Fashion Model Under Mind Control Love You?

If you come from Islamic Silesia, a remote region of Czech Republic, covered with endless grey sky, infested with crime, alcoholism, bad polluted air and despair, after the territory lost all the economic significance, due to ending of coal mining, and… Continue Reading

Islamic Princess Maryam (28): A Party In Desert

It was the end of November, and Dubai finally started to relieve from another extremely hot summer of Arabian peninsula. The temperatures stabilized to pleasant level for human body, the Emirates became easier place to breathe and live, many local… Continue Reading

Marketa Korinkova Maryam: The Islamic Princess. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). VIP Fashion Model, Amwaj Jewellery. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Haya bint al Hussein, Military Conspiracy

“She converted to Islam… and changed the world.” The fascinating tale of a famous Czech female convert to Islam, originally a top fashion model from Prague, Marketa Korinkova, later known as Maryam (meaning ‘The Mother of Prophet Isa/Jesus’), also called as… Continue Reading

Tales from a Mosque (12): No One Like You

The power of the modern mass media is devastating. Only one well crafted pamphlet of ‘Heavy Slander’ tabloid magazine, distributed freely into the center of an Austrian city under the Alps, where Imam Faraj’s mosque was standing, was enough to spoil… Continue Reading

Indila: An Islamic Music Asset

A French singer of Algerian descent, Indila (born as Adila Sedraïa, *1984) gained much of worldwide public and artistic success several years ago, allegedly generously backed by the rich financial sources from United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, who sponsored her media… Continue Reading

Farewell Message

What is your name? “A Muslim.” What is your job? “Islam.” What is your education? “Islam.” What is your property? “Islam.” Who is your master? “Allah.” What is your belief? “Allah.” Whom do you love the most? “Allah.” What is… Continue Reading

A Lebanese wedding with special guests on horses. Outside modern Beirut, your dreams can become true

Maybe every bride dreams about a glamorous wedding in the modern Beirut city center, to show her happiest moment to the world, when she accepts a desired man as her companion forever. But a wedding on an empty field in the vast… Continue Reading

Islamic State allegedly kidnapped a Czech Fashion Model. Terrorists are provoking China to enter the Middle East

Wide rumors leaked in the Intelligence community, that the Islamic State plans to expand its malicious activities directly on the European soil, in order to gain more influence, money and devoted high-ranked converts to Islam, and that the terrorists are… Continue Reading

The Union of Beauticians

Although it was mentioned earlier, that the social elite of Western world are fashion models, the female elite can be found elsewhere: between beauticians. These women represent the purest breed of feminity. They serve and help others to be beautiful,… Continue Reading