When Infidels Play Gods: Corporate Technological Illuminati Conspiracy. Dangers Of Watching Movies. Technology Misuse Surveillance Orwell Analysis Behavioral Computer Information Data Mining

Surely, there is only one deity, it’s Allah, but corrupted infidels like to deny it, and persuade the dumb primitive masses of Western sheep, that mere mortals can be gods, all that obsessed, sick corporate rats with Stanford diplomas, those… Continue Reading

Lucy Lao: Terminate With Extreme Prejudice. Chinese Elite Female Intelligence Operative Under Executive Sanction. Corporate Industrial Espionage Betrayal Conspiracy China Revenge Assassination Top Agent

—– Wu Corporation Internal Affairs (IA) department Security File # 247174y510987h3df8708 Warning: This is a Code Orange File. Any person(s) found in possession of this highly sensitive material without adequate Level 6 Security Clearance or immediate reporting to the higher… Continue Reading

The Oran Fatwa: Making Sheep of Muslims Al-Andalus Islamic Spain Emirate of Granada Morisco Convert Christianity Erosion Faith CryptoIslam

The Oran Fatwa: issued after Christian reconquista of Islamic Spain to Moriscos (Muslims, nominally converted to Christianity), after fall of Emirate of Granada Advising Muslims to soften their faith and religious practices (=Crypto-Islam), in order for survival under violent Christian… Continue Reading