Estrogen Conspiracy: Rise Matriarchy Declaration Gender Warfare Revolution Rule Power Control Influence Feminine Female Women Empowerment Subversion Sabotage Public Relations PSYWAR

SISTERS! It was enough of our female submission and suffering, enough of male oppression and violence! How many generations of women before you lived under the boot of filthy, violent, primitive men, who lost any right for rule of their… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Chinese Conspiracy Global Dominance Superpower China PLA Communist Party Superiority Asian Future Harmony Dragon Expansion Victory Soft Power Lawfare Emigration

Soft Power PLA: People’s Liberation Army CPC: Communist Party of China Larissa Thome: Fashion Model In Chinese Service Sun Meiying, TV presenter BCTV World News Beijing Triad of MegaCorporations Corporate Lawfare Chinese Emigration All Seeing Eye Global Mass Surveillance Supercomputing… Continue Reading

CPC: Communist Party of China Global Dominance Chinese Superpower Rule Control World

Conquering the world through Soft Power PLA: People’s Liberation Army Sun Meiying BCTV World News Beijing Larissa Thome – top fashion model — Chinese Conspiracy: China Will Make The World Right —