Truth About Granada: Al-Andalus Islam Muslim Allah Islamic Spain Andalusia Mosque Morisco Jihad Morocco Infiltration Albayzin Alhambra Reconquista Christian Humiliation Defeat Jewess

GRANADA Disturbing historical symbol of weakness and defeat of Muslims, which Allah allowed, it’s was His will, when seeing their arrogance, feebleness and corruption… which continues even today. Damned place of greatest humiliation of Islam and Muslims in the world… Continue Reading

Estrogen Conspiracy: Jennifer Lopez Joins Female Cause. Corrupted Music Industry Illuminati VIP. Humiliate His Mother. Make Him Loser. Despise Him. Create Divisions. Make Unrest. No Peace For Fools

Have a look at that face of Jennifer Lopez, that famous American female singer: too many of too obvious facelifts, made by plastic surgeons from GHC Group, a part of Illuminati medical conspiracy. As she can’t cope with inevitable aging… Continue Reading

The French Islam

A man called Marc, originating from a wealthy suburbs of Paris, was once a French singer of medium media influence, struggling to make his living, or possibly even a fortune, by producing sweet, seducing love songs, to get favors, admiration and financial… Continue Reading

Women of Islam: Ayesha Gaddafi Aisha. VIP Libya Colonel Muammar Aiesha Libyan Rebellion 2011 Insurgency Guerilla

Ayesha Gaddafi (*1976), also called Aisha Daughter of former Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi Once called “Claudia Schiffer of Northern Africa” (Maghreb), for her dyed hair Lost father, brothers, husband and two children in Libyan civil war Despised infidel lovers of her… Continue Reading

Turkey: The crossroads of world future. An ancient empire between Assad, Kurds and Islamic State

There is one special country, influencing the Middle Eastern region in many critical ways, even holding the future of our world in their hands these days: Turkey, a direct successor of famous Ottoman empire, which made many steps towards fully… Continue Reading