Lucy Lao: Terminate With Extreme Prejudice. Chinese Top Intelligence Operative Under Executive Sanction

WU Corporation China Internal Affairs Department Executive Order Terminate With Extreme Prejudice - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy 2

—– Wu Corporation Internal Affairs (IA) department Security File # 247174y510987h3df8708 Warning: This is a Code Orange File. Any person(s) found in possession of this highly sensitive material without adequate Level 6 Security Clearance or immediate reporting to the higher… Continue Reading

The Forgotten Raid: Militarized Police Against Czech Mosques and Muslims. Shooting People For a Book?


Without any doubt, the most shameful day of Czech Islamic history was Friday, April 25th, 2014, when heavily armed assault elements of masked Czech Militarized Police (PCR) breached into two main objects of Islamic worship in Prague with full force,… Continue Reading

Innocence of Children Lost: Imprivata Offers Human Augmentation For National Security


Earlier today, it was proudly announced by Imprivata NextGen Health Care IT Systems, an American subsidiary of Chinese multinational Wu Corporation, suspected of sinister Illuminati connection (particularly Munich lodge), that so called Human Augmentation commercial services are now offered to worldwide… Continue Reading

Maria Kukucova: Searching for Islamic Justice


The corrupted Western tabloid media call her “The Bikini Murderer” and “The Most Beautiful Killer In History”, but she is rather a victim, than a culprit: Maria Kukucova (*1991, also known as Marika or Mayka Kukucova), a swimsuit female fashion… Continue Reading

Islamic State: Far From Defeat. The terrorists infiltrate European Police Forces with barmaids

Islamic State Far From Defeat militarized police europe infiltration terrorism extortion bribery barmaid - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Although the corrupted Western media reported with joy and relief recently, that the front lines of the Islamic State, the ultimate terrorist organization in human history, are crumbling in Syria and Iraq under ruthless Kurdish pressure, and more and more… Continue Reading

Under The Black Flag: Misusing Islamic State Terrorist Threat For Czech National Interests

Under The Black Flag - Islamic State - Alan Svejk VIP Military Affairs DH

“If terrorists wouldn’t exist… we would have to invent them.” An unnamed CIA high official — The main square of a small Czech city, Beroun, located at conveniently short distance from the country’s capital, Prague, was renovated with great costs, to attract tourists… Continue Reading

Ghetto Qur’an: Money, Power, Respect, Islam

Ghetto Qur'an - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs

In 2000, an American rapper 50 Cent (aka Curtis James Jackson) made almost a fatal mistake, by publishing a song called “Ghetto Qur’an”, where he allegedly publicly revealed certain serious criminal activities of his hip hop adversaries from the neighbourhood of… Continue Reading

The Prisoner’s Islam: With Allah, You Will Survive


One of the most feared life situations of any adult modern citizen is receiving a prison sentence, or simply being jailed, losing the personal freedom even for long years, maybe missing the best life time because of some slight mistake with vast… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: WU International Banking

Collects black money deliberately, offers assistance in illegal financial transactions, incl. Money laundering by Stratton Oakmont Inc. (casino gambling business) and allegedly even financial support of terrorism Tax heavens – Cayman Islands main financial centre Purpose: to collect Intelligence on dirty trades… Continue Reading

Katerina Motovska: Poor Widow, Or Sexy Viper?

Katerina Motovska Jan Motovsky Widow Murder Conspiracy Nice France Businessman Miss Czech assassination kidnapping disappearance police sexy fashion model - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 37

Former wife of Jan Motovsky, a businessman who disappeared without a trace in 8/2008 Could participate in orchestrating of his disappearance / murder Stole money from his family, by selling the propery even before court proceeding, claiming Motovsky dead by… Continue Reading