Be Sexy Love Witch: Master of Feminity, Arts of Witchcraft, Dark Sensuality, Releasing Energy, Sensitivity, Emotions, Seduction. Master Craft, Unleash Energy, Discover Secrets, Find Destiny

You want to be a witch and master secret ancient knowledge, to unleash true power of your feminity, to become a Queen Mother? BE SEXY… BE A WITCH! WITCH: ULTIMATE FEMINITY MASTER OF FEMINITY, ARTS OF WITCHCRAFT, DARK SENSUALITY, RELEASING… Continue Reading

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Princess Of Swords. Army Military Conspiracy Special Forces Assassin Executive Action Defence Secret Classified Covert Clandestine VIP Katerina Motovska Paramilitary

COMBAT KNIFE/DAGGER – Army, Military, symbol of Special Forces (=concealed, to remove an enemy silently, cutting vulnerable throat, from behind, cowardly, from shadows and darkness, using silencer, indirect FEMALE approach, not facing a superior adversary directly) ROPE – (=on her forearm, for harnessing people,… Continue Reading

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Intro. Elite Paramilitary Military Conspiracy Czech Army Special Forces SPECOPS Executive Action Assassin Commando VIP Secret Classified Covert Clandestine Subversion

★ Special Unit C102: PSYOPS ★ Create ★ Persuade ★ Influence Special Operations PSYOPS ★ INFOOPS ★ SPECOPS Public Relations ★ Public Affairs ★ Civil Affairs Elite paramilitary formation of the Special Forces of the Czech Army, created deliberately outside… Continue Reading