Fitnah of Saudi Arabia: Princess Ameerah al-Taweel. Subversive UnIslamic Element, Promoting Decadent Western Ideas of Social Engineering Conspiracy To Disrupt Traditional Saudi Society And Weaken Islam

“One corrupted Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel ِis worse for the world Islam, than ten infidel armies.” SAUDI BROTHERS, what are doing out there, in Saudi Arabia, holy land of Islam? Did you get completely fooled, becoming soft and dumb, losing your… Continue Reading

Special Munitions: Depleted Uranium Artillery Shells. Ammunition Ordnance Tank Projectile Grenade Assault Warfare Combat Ambush Battle Military Reactive Armor Penetrate Danger Health

Although controversial, non-ecological and allegedly harmful to human health and environment, the DUAS ammunitions for special purposes (depleted uranium artillery shells) is a reliable measure of penetrating latest types of reactive armor, in order to achieve military victory for any… Continue Reading

Czech Special Forces: Accusations of PSY Torture, Brainwashing, Mind Control Procedures, Advanced Propaganda, Mass Media. Dumb Sheep Must Obey

The Czech public, and National Defence Commission, are highly discomposed by disturbing rumors, that The Unit uses state-of-the-art brainwashing and mind control procedures, used allegedly also for torture of human subjects. Following sickening sample, which raised wide denial and requests to… Continue Reading

Woman At Crossroads (Part 1)

Spring 2016 If any woman could define herself as a successful one, it would be definitely Sonia. At 48 years of age, she achieved everything she ever dreamed of, and even more: her education, her career, her marriage, and raising her… Continue Reading

EXFOR: Last line of defence against the Islamic State. Terrorists reveal secret plans to conquer Europe

As the malicious influence of the Islamic State is steadily growing, and it directly jeopardizes the peace, stability and safety of European citizens, affairs and future, plus, the anti-ISIS international coalition, led by NATO, is not able to stop this… Continue Reading

Islamic State female operatives allegedly extort European VIP, noble and aristocracy families

If you are a member of European VIPs, aristocracy, nobility, peerage or even royalty, most likely you had a strange encounter in previous days, that you didn’t completely understood, or this questionable event is still expecting you. You can’t avoid… Continue Reading