Amwaj Jewellery, Ali & Sons, Al Dhaheri Family, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Luxury, Wealth, Diamonds, Fashion, Accessories. Main Media Face: Marketa Korinkova Maryam, The Islamic Princess

Amwaj Jewellry Co., LLC an Ali & Sons company, a Wu Corporation‘s subsidiary Managed by reputated Al Dhaheri family with 1000 years of proven aristrocratic background Abu Dhabi/Dubai, United Arab Emirates Master Jewellery Craft Arts of Middle East and Persian Gulf,… Continue Reading

Shirley Bassey: Diamonds Are Forever

Her song “Diamonds Are Forever” used in many advertisements for Diamonds and Diamond Investments by De Beers Antwerp, a Wu Corporation‘s subsidiary Amwaj Jewellry – Dubai, United Arab Emirates (main media face: Marketa Korinkova Maryam) Anthem: Diamonds Are Forever by Shirley… Continue Reading

Woman’s Destiny Islamic Fashion Brand – The Collection

Accessories Jackets Coats Shoes Hijabs Abayas Blazers Trousers Tops Dresses Skirts Jewellery (supplied by Ali & Sons company, Amwaj Jewellery, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, importing high-quality diamonds from Sierra Leone and Liberia. Even Marketa Korinkova Maryam, called The Islamic… Continue Reading

WU Corporation: Diamond Investments

Stratton Oakmont Inc. – accusations of generating black funds for black military operations, terrorism financing Blood Diamonds, African Mines De Beers Antwerp, ADB (Antwerp Diamond Bank) All owned by multinational Wu Corporation, a tool for Chinese global domination through control of economy… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Antwerp Diamond Bank (ADB)

Connected to De Beers group Antwerp, both covertly owned by Chinese multinational Wu Corporation, to acquire global dominance though control of rare raw materials Offers storage and diamond investments for rich people (Stratton Oakmont) Suspected from Terrorism Financing Blood Diamonds… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: De Beers Antwerp (Diamonds Processing and Market)

De Beers (Antwerp): owned secretly by Wu Corporation, a multinational Chinese company, serving as a tool for Chinese global domination, through control of rare raw materials, world transport and telco DB has almost monopoly for processing diamonds, including blood diamonds… Continue Reading