Cooking: Social Control Measure Submission Female Dominance Influence. Chef Feminine Woman Estrogen Conspiracy. Empire Power Secret Deception Indirect Family Manipulation Home Mother Wife Sister Lover

Male fools, you always thought with great naivety, so typical for dumb primitive men, who never see inside the things, who are unable to reveal the occult wisdoms, that women are here to take care for you, because they love… Continue Reading

Soldier With Hijab: Marketa Maryam Korinkova, Islamic Female Army of Deception and Apostasy

Indeed, there is a good reason every day, to thank Allah from all your heart, to praise him, to say Alhamdulillah, for everything He does for His devoted servants and followers of Islam, for all the help He provides in… Continue Reading

Operation Naked Truth: Illuminati Conspiracy – Caroline’s Decision

Sunda Islands Indonesia When Caroline was forced to leave her country, and to find a temporary refuge in the Caribbean, she discovered a lot of many sport activities she never tried, like diving or surfing, and particularly sailing. Through a… Continue Reading

Martina Gavriely: Life of Lies, Diversion and Denial

Whoever meets an expired Czech socialite, former TV presenter and cheap porn model Martina Gavriely (*1978, the year of birth is disputed), he or she must admit, that this woman was blessed with a physical body of a goddess. Although she had… Continue Reading

Operation Naked Truth: PSYOPS and INFOOPS in Business and Military

Visit the clandestine worlds of Special Military Operations, Business Affairs, Deception, Media, Fashion Models and Fortune-Tellers! Just imagine that… Fashion models, walking on catwalks to eternal fame of their beauty, youth and determination, to VIP status in the society… Special… Continue Reading

Estrogen Mafia Training (6): Deception in Media Operations

Let’s hear about some classic, basic and widely used methods of “light” media deception. The motivations of authors are different: business success, promotion of artistic creations, to become or to remain a celebrity, everlasting desire to be seen and heard,… Continue Reading

Tak teda sbohem, Armádo!

„Gratuluju vám k povejšení a státnímu vyznamenání, pane kapitán!” „To se nám to nakonec zamotalo, Švejku! Myslím, že jste si ten metál zasloužil vy. Ale víte, jak to v Armádě chodívá! Někdo na sebe ten hroznej malér vzít musel! Já… Continue Reading