Women of Islam: Aysha Al Mudahka. Qatar Business Incubation Center Welfare Women Empowerment Female Feminist Feminism Think-Tank Conspiracy Influence CEO Elite Royal Doha VIP Middle East

She is so cute, so sweet, so innocent, and you can’t resist her, you believe her, all what she says, about helping women, empowerment, supporting new workforce in Qatar, Middle East and whole MENA region, creating new, better future. Aysha… Continue Reading

Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation – Wealthy Seniors, Immortality Research, Resurrect Jesus, DNA Genetics, GHC, Eternal Life, Illuminati Conspiracy, Occultism Elite VIP, Katerina Motovska, Witchcraft

Spiritual Occultism segment by Wu Corp Backed by Baroness Eleonore of Kessler (Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland) “BRINGING DEAD BACK TO LIFE” “Your Beloved Ones Can Live Forever” Immortality Research, Secret Magical Rituals Offering help with getting into paradise (after life, hereafter) Spiritual… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: GHC Group Karla Cizova Executive Director Clinics DNA Testing Biogen DNA Experiment

Karla Cizova Executive Director of GHC Group (GHC Clinic, GHC Genetics, GHC Biogen Lab) Secret testing Friend of Eliska Buckova, fashion model, face of GHC —

Women of Islam: Eman Ghaleb. Czech Islamic Elite

At the northwest part of Czech Republic, close to the border with Germany, in a relatively poor mountain region, there is a small, apparently insignificant city with massive Islamic presence and influence, called Teplice, known only by thermal spa, which… Continue Reading

Katerina Motovska: Poor Widow, Or Sexy Witch? Secret Magical Ritual, Black Magic, Disappeared Wealthy Husband, Occultist VIP Conspiracy, Matriarchy Gender Warfare Women Empowerment

Katerina Motovska: former fashion model and later an executive from Czechoslovak Models agency (knows the truth about Tereza Lipanova) Former wife of Jan Motovsky, a wealthy businessman, who disappeared without a trace in 8/2008 in sunny Nice, French Riviera Could participate in… Continue Reading

Estrogen Mafia Training (23): Accept The Leadership

To change your position in the world, to become an active element, you have to change yourself, by accepting the position of leadership, and related responsibility for others. If you will continue to live just for yourself and your personal… Continue Reading

Operation Naked Truth: Illuminati Conspiracy- Download

Intro / Chapters Operation Naked Truth PSYOPS INFOOPS by Alan Svejk SE (PDF, 2 MB, 311 pages) (Update 4/2016: This file is outdated, as new additional chapters were added. Check Chapters) —

VIP Girls Need Love Too

Regardless if we were born into rich or poor material conditions, many of us still had to fight for love of our parents and family, to be accepted and valued. And VIPs have the same struggle, as you will see… Continue Reading

Svejk Goes To McKinley Corporation by Alan Svejk

We daily read many good advices, how to be successful during job interviews, but still, we fail often. But there are also people, who use another, unexpected and highly efficient approach to get a job in a dreamy corporation. Their… Continue Reading