Illuminati Crimes: LIDL Czech Tree Media Public Controversy Affair Cause Conspiracy Boycott Germany Corporate Business National Ecology Nature Protection Activism Lawfare Eco Defence

In 2003, when LIDL, an Illuminati-owned German multinational supermarket chain (Baron Von Strachowitz, Munich lodge), was expanding mercilessly into the Czech Republic, the ruthless Illuminati masterminds used highly controversial means to promote their business interests, like felling of hundred of… Continue Reading

Special Munitions: Depleted Uranium Artillery Shells. Ammunition Ordnance Tank Projectile Grenade Assault Warfare Combat Ambush Battle Military Reactive Armor Penetrate Danger Health

Although controversial, non-ecological and allegedly harmful to human health and environment, the DUAS ammunitions for special purposes (depleted uranium artillery shells) is a reliable measure of penetrating latest types of reactive armor, in order to achieve military victory for any… Continue Reading

North Korea Is Rising High: The DPRK Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un Presents New Effective PR Strategy. Unification, World Peace, Disarmament, Future, Prosperity, Health, Sovereignty, Will of People

As the world is critically unstable these days, wide rumors surfaced in the world Intelligence community, that North Korea (DPRK) will try to use the current most favorable geopolitical conditions to spread her influence massively and extensively, and to acquire… Continue Reading