Daniela Kyrova: Sexy Fashion Model Missing. Lost And Found. VIP Elite Wealthy Lover Politics Business Espionage Extortion Operative China Chinese Young Beautiful Girl 1977 1996 Disappearance Kidnapping

She was just like you… Young, beautiful, sexy girl, full of dreams… Just eighteen years of age, whole life was in front of her… Allah granted her attractive curvy body, slim and tall, she had it all, all ultimate physical… Continue Reading

Neon Demon: Dark Side of Fashion Models. Beauty VIP Illuminati VIP Conspiracy Murder Envy Malice Sexy Woman Female Elite Feminine Leader Celebrity Star Seduction Power Obsession Mastermind Superior

Those fashion models… they are stars, leaders, elite: beautiful, inspiring, seducing… … but they are no angels indeed, and Abbey Lee is no exception… They are not sisters to each other. Brainswashed Illuminati slaves, puppets under mind control… Rotten, corrupted… Continue Reading

Islamic Princess Maryam (54): A House Of Addiction. Marketa Korinkova Fashion Model Celebrity Amwaj Jewellery Al Dhaheri Ali Sons Dubai Emirates VIP Abu Dhabi UAE Allah Islam Muslim Hijab Beauty

Gambling is a strictly forbidden activity for Muslims, it’s a very serious sin in Islam, but very widespread in the corrupted, filthy infidel Western society, soaked with Shaytan, inner demons and dirty obsessions, living like primitive animals in omnipresent slavery… Continue Reading

Islamic Princess Maryam (49): Sins Of My Father. Marketa Korinkova Dubai Emirates Fashion Model Elite Star Celebrity Amwaj Jewellery Islam Muslim Allah Tereza Lipanova Nataly Hay Mossad Israel VIP

During the big party in Fashion Club Prague, where the famous economic merger between Hoffmann-La Roche pharmaceutical company and Chinese multinational Wu Corporation was being celebrated, a small group of Hoffmann-La Roche top male executives gathered together, enjoying last minutes of… Continue Reading

Chinese Conspiracy: Ministry Of State Security MSS China PRC. Intelligence Operative Beijing Communist Party China Asset Foreign Infiltration Global Elite Dominance Spying Surveillance Control Subversion

Foreign Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence, Lawfare, Honey Traps, Corporate Espionage, Propaganda, Counter-Infiltraton, Persons of Interest Known Operatives: Mei Yin Kang Lea Liao Lucy Lao Known Foreign Assets: Larissa Thome Iveta Klimesova Maria Petlickova Katerina Motovska — Chinese Conspiracy: China Will Make The World Right —

Chinese Conspiracy Global Dominance Superpower China PRC PLA Communist Party Superiority Asian Future Harmony Dragon Expansion Victory Soft Power Lawfare Emigration Infiltration Espionage

Soft Power: Winning Without Fighting PLA: People’s Liberation Army: Iron Fist Of Beijing CPC: Communist Party of China MSS: Ministry of State Security Chinese Honey Traps: Infiltration Seduction Intelligence Chinese Corporate And Industrial Espionage SUKA: Perfect Female Professional Career Mei… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Counter Infiltration Activities

Preventing of external Intelligence assets and business competitors from stealing secrets of Wu Corporation, executing corporate and industrial espionage Responsibility of Internal Affairs department of Wu Corporation Counter-Infil Survey and general Questionnaires Czech Counterintelligence BIS — Wu Corporation: Operations —

Wu Corporation: Corporate and Industrial Espionage. China Chinese HUMINT Spy Seduction Infiltration Agent Operative Data Information Theft Beijing Ministry of State Security MSS Honey Traps

– Corporate Espionage and Industrial Espionage are critical parts of immense business success of Wu Corporation – also supporting CPC (Chinese Communist Party), PLA (Chinese Army) and MSS (Ministry of State Security) – Example of operations: Laska LLC by Maria Petlickova,… Continue Reading

WU Corporation: Questionnaires. Test Testing Psychological Survey Human Resources Prevention Infiltration Espionage Corporate Industrial Spy Subversive Elements China Chinese Multinational

Manufactured by Internal Affairs department of Wu Corporation, in order to prevent spies and subversive elements from infiltrating the Chinese VIP corporate structures and industrial espionage 1) Basic Questionnaire 2) Advanced Questionnaire 3) Guerilla Questionnaire 4) Counter-Infiltration Survey Used PSY procedure: Gronholm Method (+Sample Questions) Main… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Guerilla Questionnaire for Rebels, Insurgents, Terrorists. Corporate Terrorism Financing. Strategy Organization Definition Documentation Paperwork Application Group

When conspirators from multinational Wu Corporation, originating from China and rumored to be one of the most powerful companies of the world (a founding Triad of Megacorporations member), consider to provide their controversial terrorism financing services or not, they demand a… Continue Reading