Rebel’s Rules: Guide For Young Male Winners. Unmanly Is Soft, Soft Is Weak, And Weak Is Prey

“What your father never told you, but you need to know to win in life” UNMANLY IS SOFT SOFT IS WEAK WEAK IS PREY 1) Don’t apologize for anything, you can’t buy their gratitude and favor by cheap gestures of weak… Continue Reading

Islamic Bondgirl Anne Lonnberg: Nordic Islam

When you lose your youth and beauty, opportunities and juice, strength and might, and others steal the ability to touch the pulse of present time from you, while you are confined in your nice sweet memories about who you once… Continue Reading

Islamic Practice – Infidels – Taqiya

In special and reasoned cases, it’s possible to relax the Islamic duties for any Muslim temporarily, if he or she is under risk of persecution, or imminent threat against physical integrity, welfare or general Islamic interests. However, these extraordinary measures… Continue Reading

Inside The Facility: The security incident

Read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 before reading — To celebrate the last day of official operation of The Facility under supervision of the Military and United Nations, The Corporation prepared a small celebration at the site. It… Continue Reading

Inside The Facility: This place changed the world history

It’s June 30th and the editorial office of our NUSHI Fashion magazine is in large unrest. The reason is, that we were so lucky to be chosen to visit The Facility, perceived as “Eighth wonder of the world” by the public,… Continue Reading