Islamic Guidelines For Countering Infidel Social Manipulation Through Food and Apparent Gifts

Social manipulators, belonging to corrupted and decadent infidel society, always try to surprise you, or rather to catch you by surprise, because in such time pressure, when you are forced to reply immediately, in seconds, not to lose face, and… Continue Reading

Islamic Practice – Infidels – Taqiya

In special and reasoned cases, it’s possible to relax the Islamic duties for any Muslim temporarily, if he or she is under risk of persecution, or imminent threat against physical integrity, welfare or general Islamic interests. However, these extraordinary measures… Continue Reading

Islamic Guidelines Regarding Forbidden Alcohol and Related Products

It’s forbidden for any Muslim: To consume alcohol, even by “accident”, when alcohol is contained in a food or drink without Muslims’s explicit knowledge (soup for example). It’s his or her explicit duty, to always check consumed food for presence… Continue Reading