Illuminati Occultist Elite: Adela Cermakova Adel, New Powerful Feminine Leader of VIP Illuminati Conspiracy Emerged. New Age Cult, Sectarian Procedures, Brainwashing, Mind Control

You can’t think about those mysterious Illuminati and dangerous occultists from Order of White Serpent like some crazy obsessed fools, hidden in some dark cellars at tbeir medieval castles in the Bavarian Alps, and planning to take over the world…… Continue Reading

The Public Interest

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to annual 40th meeting of our Special Parliamentary Comission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weaponry, critical for the highest public interests,” the chairman, a member of Parliament called Cimbura, welcomed all participants of the… Continue Reading

Estrogen Mafia Training (10): PSY Usage In Human Resources

In a previous part of this series, two professional branches were recommended, where the enter barriers are low, and you can make a real career there, acquiring many options for the future. First was the Public Relations branch, and Human… Continue Reading

Svejk Goes To McKinley Corporation by Alan Svejk

We daily read many good advices, how to be successful during job interviews, but still, we fail often. But there are also people, who use another, unexpected and highly efficient approach to get a job in a dreamy corporation. Their… Continue Reading

The Ultimate Interview by Alan Svejk

What advanced Psychological Operations are used in HR/Recruitment? Several years ago, a top technological company decided to hire a TOP Executive, responsible for developing business operations on an important foreign market. This high position seemed critical for the future of the company,… Continue Reading