Islamic Princess Maryam (30): Woman Of Interest. Marketa Korinkova Emirates Dubai UAE Abu Dhabi Fashion Model VIP Amwaj Jewellery Al Dhaheri Star Celebrity Islam Muslim Allah Ali Sons Ruwaya Elite

Even if you serve as an elite member of the Czech Militarized Police (PCR), you are still not so different from other hungry people, who desire for a proper professional career, climbing the corporate ladder slowly, but certainly, up to… Continue Reading

Chinese Emigration: Tool of Expanding Chinese Worldwide Influence Establish Community Expat Enemy State Communist Party China

Procedure: mark reliable human assets (cadres) of Communist Party of China (CPC) as enemies of the state deliberately, so they will get favors of foreign enemies of China, support and money, which would otherwise get to real opponents of China,… Continue Reading

The Truth About Middle East – Exclusive VIP series

The Middle East is the critical region for the future of mankind: including future of your own, that you care about so much. The situation there is extremely complicated, and it’s becoming yet more complex, every day, far beyond any… Continue Reading