Women of Islam: Claudia Schiffer. Crimes of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel Haute Couture

January 15, 1994 – German female fashion supermodel CLAUDIA SCHIFFER (*1970), a blonde elite with blue eyes and striking tall body, indeed a perfect creation of ALLAH, the Creator of All, the Most Glorified, the Most High, is at top of… Continue Reading

Czech Military Conspirators Sent Secret Letter To Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader of North Korea. DPRK Nuclear Weapons Warhead Plutonium Uranium Hydrogen Weapon Armament Covert Classified

Earlier today, a disturbing incident with vast possible consequences occured in the streets of Prague, in front of North Korean embassy, where allegedly a highly positioned Czech military officer was detained by a heavily armed Rapid Intervention team of Czech militarized police,… Continue Reading

Secret Jewish Militia of Prague: German Nuclear Weapons Project 1945

Treasure of Stechovice Hunt for WMDs, Islamic State wants to construct WMDs Related to incident at Masaryk Train Station 1945, officer from SS Wiking Core of later Israeli nuclear research/armament Czech Nuclear armament —

Secret Jewish Militia of Prague: Shootout by Sultan Restaurant

Happened allegedly near “Sultan” Iranian restaurant, U Milosrdnych street Participants: Special Forces soldier from 102nd Reconnaissance Batallion Illegal Jewish Militia of Prague Old Town, codename “SHALOM” – Aaron Gunsberger (has supplies in the cellar) a Mossad operative/ a Sayeret Matkal… Continue Reading

Islamic Princess Maryam (14): The Covert Intentions. Marketa Korinkova Emirates UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi Fashion Model VIP Elite Celebrity Amwaj Jewellery Muslim Hijab Islam Allah Al Dhaheri Ali Sons Beauty

It’s revealed just now, how complex was a joint clandestine operation between the Czech Military and Israeli Intelligence agency Mossad, directed at gaining larger influence at the Middle East, particularly in the United Arab Emirates, where Al Maktoum family ruled… Continue Reading

Intermezzo at the Caribbean

“Welcome, my old friend,” Caroline stood up from her sunbed by the blue sea, and she welcomed cordially her old collaborator, but never a lover, Rudolph. Once, they both were top executives of The Corporation, bringing a questionable gift to the mankind: The… Continue Reading

Violent Incident at Mezquita de Cordoba 2010

There is an ongoing war between Muslims and Christian criminals, regarding Mosque of Cordoba (Mezquita de Cordoba), located in Islamic Spain (Al-Andalus), which had also a violent chapter After infamous Recoquista, this mosque is literally unlawfully occupied by Christian forces,… Continue Reading

Islamic State claims responsibility for New Year 2016 Cologne, Stuttgart and Hannover Anti-Woman attacks

Several days after celebrations of New Year 2016, horrible events in several German cities surfaced into the wordlwide public attention, although the German government, fearing a new wave of anti-refugee resentment, tried to cover those incidents, and the Cologne’s police… Continue Reading

Konec dívčích snů 18: Konec všech válek

Dneska to všechno skončí… venku je ještě tma, ale tohle je dost možná tvůj poslední den, kdy se budeš smět nadechnout, přemýšlet, žít. Snad je čas na to, zpytovat svědomí? Nebo se rvát o život? Neutíkej… bude to ještě horší…… Continue Reading

Konec dívčích snů 17: Pohádka třetí noci

Na konci zjistíš, že celý život je jen o volbách… byly to tvoje volby, co tě dovedly tam, kde jsi teď, ať již v dobrém či špatném, ale budeš muset dělat stále další, a čím dál tím těžší, než se dostaví… Continue Reading