Islamic Princess Maryam (20): The New Alliance. Marketa Korinkova Dubai Emirates UAE Abu Dhabi VIP Fashion Model Star Celebrity Muslim Allah Islam Al-Dhaheri Amwaj Jewellery Ruwaya Hijab

If you would spend one single evening at the most reputated and luxurious night club of the world, called “Armani Private Lounge”, located at 144th floor of famous Burj Khalifa skycraper, the tallest building of the world, located in Dubai,… Continue Reading

Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL): March Against Europe. Terrorism Terrorist Rebel Insurgency Ambush Assault Attack Conspiracy Violence Radical Extremist Sect Guerilla Violent WMD Destruction

The Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL) impersonates the ultimate terrorist threat for the Western values and future. Thus, gathering the most detailed information about this highly advanced terrorist organization, using unprecented means in the history of terrorism and guerilla warfare, is… Continue Reading

Islamic State Allegedly Has A Gender Warfare Unit To Counter Western, Kurdish And Israeli Women. IS ISIS ISIL Terrorism Rebellion Guerilla Insurgency Syria Iraq Covert Clandestine Secret Strategy

The most disturbing news are coming from the Middle East again – the Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL or Daesh), the ultimate terrorist organization in human history, came with a new, but most dangerous and threatening strategy to conquer the… Continue Reading

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Armament/Weaponry

For fulfilling its demanding paramilitary combat tasks, particularly in the Middle Eastern region, where the future of the world is shaped nowadays and the Islamic State has to be defeated, the Unit uses unique weaponry. After “Avenger 2”, highly classified… Continue Reading

Operation FALLEN KING: Propaganda in hip-hop music

The NATO ignored the high importance of hip-hop music for propaganda and counter-propaganda purposes for too long, but we don’t make the same mistake. To support NATO PSYOPS and combat operations, including anti-terrorism prevention, our Unit came with a special… Continue Reading

Operation Naked Truth: Illuminati Conspiracy. PSYOPS INFOOPS Business Military Special Forces Corporate Conspiracy Executive Politics State Elite Social Invention Technology Higher Interest China

Visit the clandestine worlds of Special Military Operations, Business Affairs, Deception, Media, Fashion Models and Fortune-Tellers! Just imagine that… Fashion models, walking on catwalks to eternal fame of their beauty, youth and determination, to VIP status in the society… Special… Continue Reading

Dark Secrets Of The Past Revealed: The Last Witness (1945)

It’s generally well known fact, that many of the war criminals from Second World War (1939-1945) escaped justice eventually, from many reasons: they were not identified, they disappeared in post-war chaos, the world forgot their crimes through time, or they were… Continue Reading

Operation AZTEC GOLD

Here is an excerpt from a headline news article, published after successful accomplishment of the Unit’s most delicate and sensitive Information operation (INFOOP), with deepest consequences for the national history. — Stechovice Treasure Found! After almost seventy years of speculations,… Continue Reading


  To show to the wide public, how the Unit’s special operations in civilian sector are planned, the Military Public Relations department released this recently declassified document. — Classified – matter of special importance! Operation “TRIAL OF FAITH” Situation: there are… Continue Reading

Švejk 2: Elita Armády – Část I. Intro Musí Bejt – Kapitola 3. Co vo nás vědí v Bruselu. Armáda Česká Speciální Jednotky Konspirace Voják Rekrut Brusel NATO AČR Tajné Jednotka Paramilitantní Civilní

Identifikační záznam jednotky NATO Speciální Útvar C102: PSYOPS Praha/Teplice, CZ Klasifikace: 2B, Paramilitantní, Civilní prostředí Status: Přísně tajné – zvláštní důležitosti Za stavu ohrožení státu: Spadá pod 102. průzkumný prapor (Special Forces) (přiřazena 499. Speciální obrněná skupina) Oblasti činnosti: Psychologické… Continue Reading