Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL): March Against Europe. Terrorism Terrorist Rebel Insurgency Ambush Assault Attack Conspiracy Violence Radical Extremist Sect Guerilla Violent WMD Destruction

The Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL) impersonates the ultimate terrorist threat for the Western values and future. Thus, gathering the most detailed information about this highly advanced terrorist organization, using unprecented means in the history of terrorism and guerilla warfare, is… Continue Reading

Islamic State Allegedly Has A Gender Warfare Unit To Counter Western, Kurdish And Israeli Women. IS ISIS ISIL Terrorism Rebellion Guerilla Insurgency Syria Iraq Covert Clandestine Secret Strategy

The most disturbing news are coming from the Middle East again – the Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL or Daesh), the ultimate terrorist organization in human history, came with a new, but most dangerous and threatening strategy to conquer the… Continue Reading

Operation Naked Truth: Illuminati Conspiracy. PSYOPS INFOOPS Business Military Special Forces Corporate Conspiracy Executive Politics State Elite Social Invention Technology Higher Interest China

Visit the clandestine worlds of Special Military Operations, Business Affairs, Deception, Media, Fashion Models and Fortune-Tellers! Just imagine that… Fashion models, walking on catwalks to eternal fame of their beauty, youth and determination, to VIP status in the society… Special… Continue Reading

Operation Naked Truth: Operation MONUMENT

“The highest priority, even existential necessity, is to obtain a high creative and managerial media asset, so we can realize our next objectives. This preliminary ‘Operation MONUMENT’ is superior to all others, because only if it succeeds, we can have… Continue Reading

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Executed Operations. Paramilitary Special Forces Czech Black PSYOPS INFOOPS Classified Covert Secret Clandestine National Security Ministry Defence Army Asset

Although most of the Unit‘s PSY operations and INFOOPS are strictly classified until 2084 and no exceptions are possible, there are several publicly known special operations the Unit successfully performed. Details of these PSYOPS were released to worldwide public with… Continue Reading

Alan Svejk VIP Illuminati Sexy Witch Conspiracy: Intro. Magic Tarot Occult Secret Ritual Spiritual Love Sensual Essence Covert Clandestine Wizard Oracle Gypsy Love Fortune-Telling Insight Cards