Amwaj Jewellery, Ali & Sons, Al Dhaheri Family, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Luxury, Wealth, Diamonds, Fashion, Accessories. Main Media Face: Marketa Korinkova Maryam, The Islamic Princess

Amwaj Jewellry Co., LLC an Ali & Sons company, a Wu Corporation‘s subsidiary Managed by reputated Al Dhaheri family with 1000 years of proven aristrocratic background Abu Dhabi/Dubai, United Arab Emirates Master Jewellery Craft Arts of Middle East and Persian Gulf,… Continue Reading

Islamic Conspiracy: Allah The Best Of All Deceivers. Muslim Islam God Deity Religion Faith Dominance World Superiority Submission Control Authority Command Deception Subversion Division Victory

The religion of Islam raises much of interest today. European citizens are eager to know more, as they feel, that Islam and Allah are the key factors of their future, their success, acquiring freedom, peace, morality and happiness, finding purpose… Continue Reading