Islamic Princess Maryam (34): Woman’s Dream. Marketa Korinkova Fashion Model Muslim Allah Islam Dubai Emirates UAE Abu Dhabi VIP Star Elite Celebrity Media Publicity Middle East Persian Gulf

It’s so good feeling to be back in the big social game, Maryam thinks, when she finishes reading of latest issue of “Heavy Slander” gossip magazine, where she was clearly described as a key woman, who is not only a mere… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Secret Medical Tests Intervention Health Care Illuminati Conspiracy Military Black Operations

Black Military Operations financed by Black Funds Mind Control, classified tests on fashion models (Zuzana Jandova) GHC Group (GHC Clinic, GHC Biogen DNA Lab) Industrial Biotech products, incl. Military (poisons, toxins, biological WMDs) Secret Testing and Interventions Illuminati Imprivata Procedures… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: GHC BIOGEN Lab DNA Test Fraud Conspiracy Illuminati Mossad Pregnancy Woman Placebo

Part of Wu Corp‘s subsidiary GHC Group for Special clinical testing DNA tests Testing special skills of future children Forgeries to manipulate men through women and pregnancy Revealing placebos and forgeries by foreign Intelligence services Marketa Maryam Korinkova tested her contaception… Continue Reading