Fitnah of Saudi Arabia: Princess Ameerah al-Taweel. Subversive UnIslamic Element, Promoting Decadent Western Ideas of Social Engineering Conspiracy To Disrupt Traditional Saudi Society And Weaken Islam

“One corrupted Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel ِis worse for the world Islam, than ten infidel armies.” SAUDI BROTHERS, what are doing out there, in Saudi Arabia, holy land of Islam? Did you get completely fooled, becoming soft and dumb, losing your… Continue Reading

Woman of Saudi Arabia: Hidden Agenda. Subversion Conspiracy Social Engineering West Corruption Liberation Guerilla Rebellion Erosion Faith Islam Wahhabi Salafi Kingdom Culture Islamic Middle East

Traditional Saudi society under siege of Social Engineering Conspiracy and imported decadent, corrupted novelties, created by Shaytan and his infidel Western assistants Princess Ameerah al-Taweel: main local subversive element and bad example for Saudi women She participated at establishing of the… Continue Reading

Islam: Legal Jihad (Lawfare, Legal Warfare)

Legal Jihad Using legal means, inspired by Chinese classic strategy of Lawfare Legal Warfare, Corporate Lawfare Read how Islamic Republic Granada (IRG) was established Participation of Kenner, Bach & Ledeen elite multinational law firm possible Elite human asset, specialized at Lawfare… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Corporate Lawfare (Legal Warfare) For Chinese Global Dominance Communist Party China CPC PLA Army Iveta Klimesova Lawyer Top Elite VIP Hong Kong Conspiracy

Kenner, Bach & Ledeen – main law firm for Illuminati interests Corporate Lawfare (Legal Warfare) – for asserting worldwide Chinese interests, to achieve Chinese global dominance for CPC (Communist Party of China) Strategy, used in Unconventional Warfare by Special Forces Including PLA… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Kenner, Bach & Ledeen International Legal Services New York Law Firm Illuminati Conspiracy

Kenner, Bach & Ledeen Multinational Law firm, main executive tool for Illuminati conspiracy, owned by Wu Corporation, a member of Triad of Megacorporations Corporate Lawfare – Legal Warfare for promoting Chinese interests worldwide (effort to achieve Chinese global dominance) Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation:… Continue Reading

Tatana Kucharova: Elite Fashion Model, Miss World 2006. Synthetic But Sexy, Suspicious of Fraud and Legal Conspiracy. Target: Wealthy Senior Citizens

Tatana Kucharova – elite fashion model Miss World 2006 international title Allegedly helping retired persons, using her suspicious charity foundation “Krasa Pomoci” (=meaning Beauty of Helping), but in practice, suspected to extract money from them, changing testaments to get hands on… Continue Reading