Islamic Princess Maryam (44): Goodbye Is Forever. Marketa Korinkova Al Maktoum Dubai Emirates UAE Sheikh Emir Wife Star Celebrity VIP Fashion Model Elite Qatar Saudi Arabia Amwaj Jewellery Al Dhaheri

Indeed, capable lawyers concentrate much of the power in their hands, in the modern society of Information Age, which is based on law, legality, rights, regulations and rules, at least theoretically. These legal men and women are something like doctors, calming… Continue Reading

Fitnah of Saudi Arabia: Princess Ameerah al-Taweel. Subversive UnIslamic Element, Promoting Decadent Western Ideas of Social Engineering Conspiracy To Disrupt Traditional Saudi Society And Weaken Islam

One corrupted Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel ِis worse for the world Islam, than ten infidel armies. SAUDI BROTHERS, what are doing out there, in Saudi Arabia, holy land of Islam? Did you get completely fooled, becoming soft and dumb, losing your… Continue Reading

Iveta Klimesova: Angel Between Lawyers. Top Fashion Model. Elite International VIP Female Lawyer. Hong Kong China. Corporate LAWFARE (Legal Warfare). Special Military Advisor Chinese Army PLA

Originally a reputated female fashion model from Czechoslovak Models, elite modeling agency (former colleague of famous Marketa Korinkova Maryam) Working for Kenner, Bach & Ledeen multinational law firm, as a Senior Legal Associate (a part of Wu Corporation from Shanghai, China)… Continue Reading

DBP: Defending Blue Planet – Ecology Activism Public Interest Protection Nature Civic Protest

Defending Blue Planet (DBP) Loud Protest Civic Activism Public Interest Supervision Ecology Public Relations Legal Warfare Subversion Direct Action “Our Health And Our Planet Are They Only Treasures We Really Have.” —

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Honorary Members

List of honorary members of the Special Unit C102: PSYOPS Katerina Valachova (suggested by her lover Michal Hrdlicka, Asset A25, for her wide contribution to Social Engineering Dept) Hilary Duff (“for creating an artistic work of large milittary cultural significance”) Ivana… Continue Reading

Islam: Legal Jihad (Lawfare, Legal Warfare)

Legal Jihad Using legal means, inspired by Chinese classic strategy of Lawfare Legal Warfare, Corporate Lawfare Read how Islamic Republic Granada (IRG) was established Participation of Kenner, Bach & Ledeen elite multinational law firm possible Elite human asset, specialized at Lawfare… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Corporate Lawfare (Legal Warfare) For Chinese Global Dominance Communist Party China CPC PLA Army Iveta Klimesova Lawyer Top Elite VIP Hong Kong Conspiracy

Kenner, Bach & Ledeen – main law firm for Illuminati interests Corporate Lawfare (Legal Warfare) – for asserting worldwide Chinese interests, to achieve Chinese global dominance for CPC (Communist Party of China) Strategy, used in Unconventional Warfare by Special Forces Including PLA… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Kenner, Bach & Ledeen International Legal Services New York Law Firm Illuminati Conspiracy

Kenner, Bach & Ledeen Multinational Law firm, main executive tool for Illuminati conspiracy, owned by Wu Corporation, a member of Triad of Megacorporations Corporate Lawfare – Legal Warfare for promoting Chinese interests worldwide (effort to achieve Chinese global dominance) Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation:… Continue Reading

WU Corporation: International Legal Services

Kenner, Bach & Ledeen law company, New York, United States 600 inhouse lawyers Main law firm for Illuminati worldwide conspiracy For executing Corporate Lawfare (Legal Warfare, asserting Chinese interests worldwide) Elite human asset: Iveta Klimesova Senior Legal Associate (Hong Kong) Specialized at… Continue Reading