Islamic Princess Maryam (34): Woman’s Dream

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Islamic Princess Dubai Sheikh UAE Emirates Czech Fashion Model Top Prague Convert Islam Muslim Allah - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

It’s so good feeling to be back in the big social game, Maryam thinks, when she finishes reading of latest issue of “Heavy Slander” gossip magazine, where she was clearly described as a key woman, who is not only a mere… Continue Reading

Lucy Lao: Terminate With Extreme Prejudice. Chinese Top Intelligence Operative Under Executive Sanction

WU Corporation China Internal Affairs Department Executive Order Terminate With Extreme Prejudice - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy 2

—– Wu Corporation Internal Affairs (IA) department Security File # 247174y510987h3df8708 Warning: This is a Code Orange File. Any person(s) found in possession of this highly sensitive material without adequate Level 6 Security Clearance or immediate reporting to the higher… Continue Reading

Ivona Selnikova: Woman of the Year, Corporate Elite, Top Executive, Sectarian Illuminati Leader

Ivana Selnikova Martin Chodur MLM Ostrava Illuminati Conspiracy multilevel LR Health Beauty Systems Ales Buksa STB Lenka Filipova - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Ivona Selnikova, Islamic Silesia Corporate Elite MLM – Multi Level Marketing Suspected of Sectarian Corporate Conspiracy LR Health and Beauty Systems Connection with Ales Buksa, alleged Stb operative and lover of Lenka Filipova, rumored to be a father of Lenka’s… Continue Reading

Yara: The Lebanese Queen

Yara - singer - Lebanon - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs

The country of Lebanon is a world superpower of fascinating female singers, who contribute widely to spread the fame of Beirut, a rising cultural star, through the whole Middle East. But one of them really steps out of the crowd: Carla Nazih… Continue Reading