Palestinian Squirrels of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque Must Be Liberated From Israeli Oppression

Alena Malarova Czech Militarized Police PCR Commando Israel Jerusalem Jew IDF Sayeret Matkal Commando Special Forces Israeli Palestine - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Everybody likes squirrels, that cute small animals with long furry tails, who don’t harm anybody, who just want to live happily, in peace, who make everybody smile, when they climb on the trees with mastery and bravery, hunting for favorite nuts… Continue Reading

Islamic Practice: Jews and Israel

Islam has wide relationships and ties with Jews, both in history, and present. There were cases, when believers of both religions were stood side by side in fight, defending important strongholds: Jerusalem (Palestine) against Christian crusaders (1099), Granada (Islamic Spain /… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Terrorism Financing

GLA Global Liberation Army Rebel Insurgent Terrorist Conspiracy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Across the whole world, Wu Corporation provides complex financial solutions for various insurgent, guerilla and revolutionary groups, helping these brave freedom fighters like GLA (Global Liberation Army) to achieve their noble goals, liberate their countries from oppression and overthrow corrupted governments.… Continue Reading

Secret Jewish Militia Prague: Under Islamic State Assault August 2016

The citizens of Prague are complaining, that SHALOM didn’t intervene, even if citizens and police are tolerating that a heavy armed Miltia with cellar supplies, led by ruthless man Aaron Gunsberger, exists, and extremely important landmark for tourism, Old Town… Continue Reading

Secret Jewish Militia of Prague: Shootout by Sultan Restaurant

Happened allegedly near “Sultan” Iranian restaurant, U Milosrdnych street Participants: Special Forces soldier from 102nd Reconnaissance Batallion Illegal Jewish Militia of Prague Old Town, codename “SHALOM” – Aaron Gunsberger (has supplies in the cellar) a Mossad operative/ a Sayeret Matkal… Continue Reading

Secret Jewish Militia Prague: Krasne Brezno 1945 Incident

Explosion of warehouse at Krasne Brezno, Usti nad Labem 1945 (today Tsiganes excluded quarter with massive presence of Czech Wahhabis) Loss of supply of DB-605 engines, critically important for post-war Czech Army Weapons shipment to Israel 1948 Either operation of… Continue Reading

Secret Jewish Militia of Prague: Testimony of Conspiracy

Testimonies in front of National Defence Commission: F.V., war and postwar: Masaryk Station Incident 1945 + Weapon Shipments to Israel 1948 caused by the org Vont Organization (Jaroslav Foglar) 1992 on the rise, David Hons —

Jewish Militia Shalom Old Town Prague: Armament

Allegedly hidden in the cellar of King Solomon Kosher Restaurant, located at Old Town Prague, owned by Aaron Gunsberger, alleged commander of the clandestine, heavily armed local Jewish Militia, backed by Mossad, codename “SHALOM”. Mission: to prevent another Islamic State armed… Continue Reading

Islamic State deploys heavy weapon of endless attrition war against West: mass extortion of Western females

Ransom Money - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs

As the Islamic State continuously hits the Western civilization with many small wounds in endless war of attrition, in order to force West to slowly bleed to its defeat, very disturbing news were revealed to the public, pointing at total… Continue Reading