Iveta Klimesova: Codename ANGELIC VAMPIRE. Lawyer Legal Advocate Fashion Model Czechoslovak Models VIP China Hong Kong Ministry of State Security MSS Lawfare Warfare Law Chinese Military Advisor PLA

MSS – MINISTRY OF STATE SECURITY “Service For The People” 14 Dong Chang’an Jie, Beijing, People’s Republic of China CLASSIFIED – CODE 6 ORANGE Security File # 247174y510987h3df8706 Warning: This is a Code 6 Orange File. Any person(s) found in… Continue Reading

Emma Roberts: Bread, Sex, Cell Phones And Games. America Mind Control Nerve 2016 Sexy Chick Blonde Infidel Danger Party Teenager VIP Youth Corruption United States New York Fall Power Brainwash China

Those crazy American infidels! Whereas their beloved corrupted homeland is crumbling under devastating and omnipresent Chinese pressure, after lost wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, after WTC Towers, symbols of their arrogance, were destroyed by the terrorists, provoking the former No.… Continue Reading

Women of Islam: Linda Sarsour. Hijabi Islamic Activist Elite. Example For All Muslim Females

Much improved version of Eman Ghaleb (Islamized Wahhabi Teplice) Perfect creation of Allah, living for Islam, working for Islam, like any Muslim should Brooklyn, New York. Hope for decadent, corrupted, crumbling United States Indeed a great example for all Muslims,… Continue Reading

Islam: Legal Jihad (Lawfare, Legal Warfare)

Legal Jihad Using legal means, inspired by Chinese classic strategy of Lawfare Legal Warfare, Corporate Lawfare Read how Islamic Republic Granada (IRG) was established Participation of Kenner, Bach & Ledeen elite multinational law firm possible Elite human asset, specialized at Lawfare… Continue Reading

Wu Corporaton: Global Economic Crisis 2008

Allegedly caused by Wu Corporation‘s executive assets on order of Chinese government, through Goldman Sachs investment company, where at least person, so called Analyst Zero, which identity was still not determined, was bribed by Chinese, to persuade the management about… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Corporate Lawfare (Legal Warfare) For Chinese Global Dominance Communist Party China CPC PLA Army Iveta Klimesova Lawyer Top Elite VIP Hong Kong Conspiracy

Kenner, Bach & Ledeen – main law firm for Illuminati interests Corporate Lawfare (Legal Warfare) – for asserting worldwide Chinese interests, to achieve Chinese global dominance for CPC (Communist Party of China) Strategy, used in Unconventional Warfare by Special Forces Including PLA… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Kenner, Bach & Ledeen International Legal Services New York Law Firm Illuminati Conspiracy

Kenner, Bach & Ledeen Multinational Law firm, main executive tool for Illuminati conspiracy, owned by Wu Corporation, a member of Triad of Megacorporations Corporate Lawfare – Legal Warfare for promoting Chinese interests worldwide (effort to achieve Chinese global dominance) Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation:… Continue Reading

WU Corporation: International Legal Services

Kenner, Bach & Ledeen law company, New York, United States 600 inhouse lawyers Main law firm for Illuminati worldwide conspiracy For executing Corporate Lawfare (Legal Warfare, asserting Chinese interests worldwide) Elite human asset: Iveta Klimesova Senior Legal Associate (Hong Kong) Specialized at… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: WU International Banking

Collects black money deliberately, offers assistance in illegal financial transactions, incl. Money laundering by Stratton Oakmont Inc. (casino gambling business) and allegedly even financial support of terrorism Tax heavens – Cayman Islands main financial centre Purpose: to collect Intelligence on dirty trades… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Financial Services

New York based broker firm (trading securities) used as tool of Chinese influence in United States Allegedly launched global financial crisis of 2008 after an order of the Chinese government (Chinese Communist Party), to weaken the West, and the world, so… Continue Reading