Truth About Men: King of Yesterday

The infidel fools really suffer in all senses, men and women alike. They are alone, cursed, weak and destroyed without ultimate guidance and protection of Allah, and their alleged decadent Western freedom consumes them alive, their minds can’t stop thinking… Continue Reading

The Black Site

In the morning, the luxurious white yacht with former top executives of The Wu Corporation, who invented The Device, allegedly a time displacement equipment, or a dream machine, arrived at the beaches of their destination, a small island near Lombok, Indonesia.… Continue Reading

Your Sentimental Blues and wasting life should end

The postmodern Western society brought infinite amount of pleasures to people, in order to distract them from complaints against oppressive worldly governments and to keep them addicted on consumming mindlessly. There is literally nothing that can’t be bought with the right… Continue Reading

The sectarian heritage of OSHO

OSHO (or Rajneesh, 1931-1990, India) left a wide heritage for millions of followers of his wisdoms, helping them to find the sense of life, and to become happy and satisfied, as they always wanted. From all his quotes, it’s hard to select… Continue Reading

Inside The Facility: The security incident

Read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 before reading — To celebrate the last day of official operation of The Facility under supervision of the Military and United Nations, The Corporation prepared a small celebration at the site. It… Continue Reading

Inside The Facility: The eighth wonder of the world

Read Part 1 before reading. — “We are now in so called Entrance Security Station 1, or ECS1, as we called it,” the guide, representing The Corporation, explains. “The building was organized into four floors. Floor Zero, where we are now, was… Continue Reading

Operation Naked Truth: Operation Irrevocable Justice

On the TV, two persons emerged. The President and Minister of Defense. “Hallo, Mister President! Hallo, mister Minister!” Caroline greeted them. “Welcome to our live broadcast!” “Pleasure is ours, Mrs. Rubesova,” the President replied with dignity. “Could you please brief… Continue Reading

Vysuňte zadní část

„Tanky! Ze severu!” přiběhla hlídka z okraje vesnice. „Připravit se na kontakt!” přikázal nadporučík. „Rozdělte si raketomety! Švejk a pět mužů se mnou! Ostatní, zadržíte tady nepřítele, co nejdýl to půjde, a pak se přesunete jeden kilometr ve směru 270.… Continue Reading

Měli jsme to votočit

„Zastavit,” přikázal nadporučík před Červeným Újezdem. Vzal do ruky dalekohled, a díval se, zda uvidí nějaký pohyb. Nezdálo se mu to – viděl tanky nepřátel! A pěchotu kolem. Bylo mu jasné, že mise bude minimálně komplikovaná. Jeli úplně opačným směrem,… Continue Reading