Petronela Lorencova: Miss Smoker 2016. Illuminati Witch Elite VIP Obsession Addiction Seduction Devil Sexual Nicotine Cigarette Smoking Female Woman Fetish Tobacco Munich Tarot Feminity Witchcraft

Although the most reputable, respected, admired, even feared and dangerous European witch, elite tarot card reader and oracle, Petronela Lorencova (*1986, aka Nell Lorenc), a person of interest for many Intelligence services, spends most of the time in Munich, Bavaria,… Continue Reading

Talitha Van Zon: Playboy Fashion Model. Mistress Concubine Mutassim Gaddafi. VIP Libya Gold Digger Hostess Luxury Celebrity Dutch Affair Controversy Conspiracy Libyan Rebels Guerillas Netherlands

Talitha Van Zon, ex Playboy fashion model, like Martina Gavriely, suspected by some Dutch media sources to work as a Luxury VIP hostess (=woman who provides very personal services to men) in Casino Gambling environment: Las Vegas (via Laska LLC) and… Continue Reading

Truth About North Korea DPRK Kim Jong-Un. Freedom World Peace Unification Disarmament. United States War Crimes Lies American Propaganda Aggression Invasion Oppression Muslim Israel Gaza Palestine

Those American aggressors, imperialists, liars and warmongers always claimed in their omnipresent propaganda, that North Korea (DPRK), is allegedly a dangerous country for “world freedom and peace”, or rather for their geopoliticial interests, that DPRK is a part of so… Continue Reading

Rebel’s Rules: Guide For Young Male Winners. Unmanly Is Soft, Soft Is Weak, And Weak Is Prey

“What your father never told you, but you need to know to win in life” UNMANLY IS SOFT SOFT IS WEAK WEAK IS PREY 1) Don’t apologize for anything, you can’t buy their gratitude and favor by cheap gestures of weak… Continue Reading

Italian Women Invited To Islam. Last Da’wah of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi Before Assassination

In last five years, Italy was hit hard by European refugee crisis, mostly after the ground route from Turkey was closed in 2015, at least temporarily. But the sea way through the Mediterranean remains opened forever, it can’t be closed… Continue Reading

Hilary Duff: Honorary Patroness of All Female Suicide Bombers, Black Widows, Brides of Death, Hipster Guerillas, Rebels, Insurgents, Terrorists. Rebellion Insurgency Revolution Conspiracy

Following a famous scene from “War Inc.” movie (2008), where Hilary Duff sang her famous “I Want To Blow You Up” song, implicating relationship to U.S. invasion into Afghanistan (2001) or Iraq (2003), which provoked wide insurgency in both countries, this female singer… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Terrorist Fashion – Black Widow – Bride of Death – Martyrdom Collection – Stylish Dresses For Female Martyrs (Suicide Bombers)

Wu Corporation‘s Woman’s Destiny Fashion brand presents: Limited BLACK WIDOW Terrorist Fashion Collection (highly stylish and also practial outfits for female suicide bombers from Islamic State, Global Liberation Army (GLA) and all other terrorist organizations, to go to heaven chic: Patroness of the collection: Hilary… Continue Reading

GLA Terrorist Conspiracy: Dr. Thrax. Extremist Toxin Anthrax Chemist WMD Biological Warfare Biotech Weaponized Middle East Guerilla Rebellion Sabotage Subversion Attack Assault Chemical

This dangerous terrorist from GLA (Middle East division) is known to be highly unstable, like his products Allegedly got his Chemistry university degree from a mail-order college Develops his own deadly toxins and agents of Biological Warfare (WMD, Weapons of… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Terrorism Financing For Rebels, Insurgents, Guerillas, Conspirators, Activists, Revolutionary, Fifth Columns, Anti-Government, Subversive Elements, Radicals, Terrorists

Across the whole world, generous Wu Corporation provides complex financial solutions for various insurgent, guerilla, revolutionary, conspiracy and activist groups, helping these brave freedom fighters to achieve their noble goals, to liberate their countries from oppression, violations of human rights, exploiting of… Continue Reading

Terrorist Conspiracy: Intro. Rebellion Guerilla Insurgency Warfare Activism Freedom Fighters Executive Action Liberation Oppression. Terrorism Assault Attack Revenge Violence Combat War Armed

“If terrorists wouldn’t exist… we would have to invent them.” (unnamed CIA official) — Memory Of Iraq Under The Black Flag Last Flight of Kamikaze Islamic State IS ISIS ISIL: March Against Europe Global Liberation Army (GLA) Alhambra Conspiracy Hit… Continue Reading