Michal Hrdlicka: Codename Woman’s Dream. VIP Paramilitary Liaison Officer Operative. Czech Special Forces Operator Asset. Seduction TV Presenter Model Respect Army Career Socialite

One of the most reputated, elite human assets of the Czech Special Forces, Active Measures (AMG) department, is Michal Hrdlicka (designated as Asset A25, codename WOMAN’S DREAM), a well known Czech socialite, intelligent and handsome sport TV presenter in very good physical shape, who… Continue Reading

Lenka Filipova: You Can’t Escape Islam

There are two kinds of social elite: one, which can be seen, which exposes at various VIP parties, politics and business, presenting their wealth, achievements and position spectacularly, to promote their personal brand, to be admired by the wide public, to… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Counter Infiltration Survey Prevent Infiltrating BIS CounterIntelligence Operatives Czech

As the multinational Wu Corporation has many immense treasures in their possession, be it research, inventions, property or human assets, and their ties reach the highest level of many states, the corporate conspirators are under close surveillance and deep interest of… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Feminine Influence

In Wu Corporation, we perceive feminine power, special skills, wide talents, colorful thinking and unique capabilities as ultimate corporate advantage Women, remember, that in Wu, the only factor, deciding your employment, are so called Special Skills: not age, education, number… Continue Reading

WU Corporation: Questionnaires. Test Testing Psychological Survey Human Resources Prevention Infiltration Espionage Corporate Industrial Spy Subversive Elements China Chinese Multinational

Manufactured by Internal Affairs department of Wu Corporation, in order to prevent spies and subversive elements from infiltrating the Chinese VIP corporate structures and industrial espionage 1) Basic Questionnaire 2) Advanced Questionnaire 3) Guerilla Questionnaire 4) Counter-Infiltration Survey Used PSY procedure: Gronholm Method (+Sample Questions) Main… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Recruitment

Why Wu Options For Anybody Recruitment Leaflet Illuminati elite, opportunity Questionnaires (1,2,3) Main Corp offices Dubai Special Skills Gronholm Method PSY HR dept (Division of Human Engineering) IA dept – supervision Augmentation: perk Sectarian style, New Age cult, The Order of… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Recruitment Leaflet

—– Are you special, but the malicious dumb rats around are keeping you down, to prevent you from unleashing your real potential and winning in life, showing them all, who you really are, and what you can really do? Do you… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Multi Layer Examination (MLE)

During their highly advanced and complex recruitment process, Wu Corporation deploys various means to get the truth about subjects, both overt (questionnaires, paper tests of The Gronholm Method) and covert, like MLEs (checking integrity of replys, compared to PSY state,… Continue Reading

WU Corporation: Sample Questions of Gronholm Method. Corporate Sect Human Resources VIP Employment Recruitment Mind Control Test Testing Advanced Psychology Brainwash Manipulation VIP

Obligatory test for any person, seeking high-profile VIP employment at Wu Corporation, a Chinese multinational company of immense power, using Corporate Sectarianism widely, rumored to be a tool of Chinese Communist Party (CPC), People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and Ministry of… Continue Reading