Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation – Wealthy Seniors, Immortality Research, Resurrect Jesus, DNA Genetics, GHC, Eternal Life, Illuminati Conspiracy, Occultism Elite VIP, Katerina Motovska, Witchcraft

Spiritual Occultism segment by Wu Corp Backed by Baroness Eleonore of Kessler (Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland) “BRINGING DEAD BACK TO LIFE” “Your Beloved Ones Can Live Forever” Immortality Research, Secret Magical Rituals Offering help with getting into paradise (after life, hereafter) Spiritual… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Secret Medical Tests Intervention Health Care Illuminati Conspiracy Military Black Operations

Black Military Operations financed by Black Funds Mind Control, classified tests on fashion models (Zuzana Jandova) GHC Group (GHC Clinic, GHC Biogen DNA Lab) Industrial Biotech products, incl. Military (poisons, toxins, biological WMDs) Secret Testing and Interventions Illuminati Imprivata Procedures… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Toxins Approved by Dr. Thrax

“Dr. Thrax Approved” products – recommended for all terrorist, guerilla and insurgency groups Deadly Toxins Part of Vintage Terrorist collection Industrial Biotechnology division Wu Corporation Used by insurgents from GLA – Global Liberation Army —

The Czech Military Allegedly Wants to Construct a Nuclear Weapon, at a secret base near Teplice

At the end of 2015 year, it was reported, that Islamic State operatives were searching for an alleged hidden stash of old German blueprints from 1945, located near the Czech town of Stechovice, allegedly containing the construction plans for a… Continue Reading

WU Corporation: PHE-X. Artificial Female Pheromone Sexual Sex Hormone Series. Seduction Submission Control Substance Chemical Invention Combat Special Forces Operative Operator Assassin

For the specialized needs of modern clandestine military and Intelligence operations, particularly Female Warfare (FEMWAR), Wu Corporation, as the indisputed leader of the defence industry and firm part of the infamous military-industrial complex with rumored deep Chinese connections, proudly offers an unique… Continue Reading

Lucie Borhyova: The Slavic Female Aristocracy

After 2015 New Year Cologne anti-woman attacks, wide social concerns arose in Europe, that in order to preserve national interests and overall survival of the Western civilization, it seems crucial to protect the European females, who are considered as weak… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Industrial Biotechnology

Artificial fertilizers Pesticides Herbicides Poisons Toxins Assault Chemicals Human Enhancement Substances – GH+ Agrofert Connection Red Leaf: Military Biotech U/North United-Northfield Products: CULCITATE (details classified) ANDROKILLIN to effeminate men by raising estrogen levels in their bodies, delivered by poisoning wells and… Continue Reading

Red Leaf: Military Biotech

Development of unique toxins without known antidotes Unique toxin to paralyze its prey Special Forces Use Product? DNA Willem Dafoe – Hunter’s Instinct C102: Secret Lab, WMD department EXFOR Paramilitary SPECOPS —

Fashion, metal, glass and military research

When I started thinking about establishing my own fashion brand, I realized that it has to be defined by some special feature, something absolutely unique. After more than one year of complicated negotiations, I managed to acquire an exception of… Continue Reading