Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman): Israeli Elite Fashion Model, A-Class Hollywood Star VIP Actress… Seduced By Elite Czech Special Forces Operator Karel Weidenthaler, Creating Sexy Exciting Affair

Whoever sees the elite Israeli fashion model, Miss Israel 2004 and later elite A-Class Hollywood star actress GAL GADOT (*1985). must agree, that this woman is extremely beautiful creation of Allah, maybe even the most beautiful woman of the present… Continue Reading

The Silesian Affair: Islamic Dagger To Revenge Polish Military Invasions Into Bohemia. Muslim Allah Islam Teplice Wahhabi Poland International Clique Territory Dispute Politics Issue Tension VIP

Czech Republic and Poland share not only common national borders, wide cultural Slavic tribe similarities, NATO and EU membership, but also very dramatic history, where both countries were overwhelmed and torn apart by various enemies, both internal traitors, and external… Continue Reading

Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain): Republic of Salé

Founded in Morocco by Moriscos from Hornachos town, reputated with combat capabilities Effort to to revenge lost Al-Andalus 17th century, arrived after 1609, 1627-1668, after final expulsion of Moriscos from Spain Piracy in Mediterranean sea, raids and slave trade —… Continue Reading

The Prisoner’s Islam: With Allah, You Will Survive

One of the most feared life situations of any adult modern citizen is receiving a prison sentence, or simply being jailed, losing the personal freedom even for long years, maybe missing the best life time because of some slight mistake with vast… Continue Reading