Ivana Korinkova: VIP Teacher Of New Generation. School Children Kids Education Feminist Gender Propaganda Brainwashing Postmodern Feminity Superiority Dominance Female Feminism Sexuality

When Ivana Korinkova, a common Czech school teacher of middle age, a devoted Christian, shocked the Czech public by marrying Amin H. Nasser, a royal of Saudi Arabia, the CEO and President of Saudi Aramco, the second most powerful corporation of… Continue Reading

Islamic Princess Maryam (30): Woman Of Interest. Marketa Korinkova Emirates Dubai UAE Abu Dhabi Fashion Model VIP Amwaj Jewellery Al Dhaheri Star Celebrity Islam Muslim Allah Ali Sons Ruwaya Elite

Even if you serve as an elite member of the Czech Militarized Police (PCR), you are still not so different from other hungry people, who desire for a proper professional career, climbing the corporate ladder slowly, but certainly, up to… Continue Reading

Czech Muslims Provoking Concerns Against Militarized Police. Defending Religious Freedoms

It becomes a sad Western European tradition, that in so called Xmas time, treacherous Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL) terrorists execute some shocking violent attack against the West, to disrupt the festive atmosphere of peace, and the governments reply with sending militarized forces,… Continue Reading

European Union Considers Banning Japanese War Film “The Eternal Zero” To Prevent Terrorist Threats And Attacks. Terrorism Insurgency EU Rebellion Federica Mogherini Ban EU Culture

In an unprecedented and highly controversial move in the history of modern unified Europe, emphasizing freedom, democracy and human rights, the European Council announced their surprising intention to ban a Japanese war movie, “The Eternal Zero” (Eien No Zero, 2013)… Continue Reading

WU Corporation: All Seeing Eye Global Mass Surveillance Privacy Spying Technology China Chinese Huawei Advanced Hardware Eavesdropping Wiretapping Security Safety Anti Terrorism

All Seeing Eye Global Mass Surveillance Privacy Spying Technology China Chinese Advanced Hardware Eavesdropping Wiretapping Security Safety Anti Terrorism Uses Wu Supercomputing Parts of technology delivered by Huawei (Triad of Megacorporations) Read also: Intercepted Messages by All Seeing Eye Special… Continue Reading

Islamic Princess Maryam (7): The Sexy Ambassador. Marketa Korinkova Amwaj Jewellery Al Dhaheri Ali Sons Ruwaya Elite Fashion Model VIP Celebrity Allah Muslim Islam Hijab Emirates UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi

With the most wise and trustworthy guidance of Almighty Allah, no person is lost in the world, on the contrary: many new doors open, and the world can be changed by even a single individual, as a Czech fashion model,… Continue Reading

EXFOR: Last line of defence against the Islamic State. Terrorists reveal secret plans to conquer Europe

As the malicious influence of the Islamic State is steadily growing, and it directly jeopardizes the peace, stability and safety of European citizens, affairs and future, plus, the anti-ISIS international coalition, led by NATO, is not able to stop this… Continue Reading

A gift from famous Svejk military family

It’s happening right now: at Prague-Kbely military airport, a very special vehicle is just delivered from the U.S., and it can be revealed, that our famous military family contributed to getting this ultimately advanced piece of military hardware as widely,… Continue Reading