Streets Belong To Young Seducing Sexy Witches. Facebook Instagram Digital Technology Addiction VIP Misery. Estrogen Illuminati Zionist Conspiracy Slavery Corruption Decadence Feminine Matriarchy

Some things never change… like those magical afternoons, you know, sun is high, sky is blue, the air is clear and promising, pregnant with unlimited opportunities, the Spring is coming, life is beautiful, and the school ends for today, so… Continue Reading

Islamic State Enters Professional Sport to get full control of Western society and resources

Earlier today, it was revealed by tabloid media, that malicious Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL), the ultimate terrorist organization of human history, pampered by various powers secretly, deploys massive covert effort to get control of worldwide professional sport, in order to… Continue Reading

Islamic State allegedly stole a weapon of mass persuasion. Consequences could be immense

When it was publicly introduced last year, that a new generation of extremely effective weaponry is coming into the wide military use by NATO armies, in the form of so called PSY weapons, based on the latest technology and A-PSYOPS, an… Continue Reading

Love Dream: The new generation of social network

It’s now too long time ago, when Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook suceeded on global scale, even with a project not fulfilling wishes of users, providing only partial functionality to improve their lives. From the beginning, the Facebook was mostly a social… Continue Reading

VIP Cyber Protection (Special Security Services) by Alan Svejk

Motto: “The Internet makes the strong weak, and the weak strong.” (professor Gianni Riotta) To provide only the physical security for VIPs is insufficient today. There are completely new, rarely known, unexpected, challenging, and most serious security threats, which come… Continue Reading

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Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy: Intro

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