Be Sexy Love Witch: Master of Feminity, Arts of Witchcraft, Dark Sensuality, Releasing Energy, Sensitivity, Emotions, Seduction. Master Craft, Unleash Energy, Discover Secrets, Find Destiny

You want to be a witch and master secret ancient knowledge, to unleash true power of your feminity, to become a Queen Mother? BE SEXY… BE A WITCH! WITCH: ULTIMATE FEMINITY MASTER OF FEMINITY, ARTS OF WITCHCRAFT, DARK SENSUALITY, RELEASING… Continue Reading

Special Munitions: Icy Projectiles IDP (No Identification Untraceable). Bullet Cartridge Evidence Police Investigation Special Forces Assassination Crime Water Frozen Escape Scene

All dreams about perfect murder or assassination (or in Orwellian newspeak, extrajudical killing), where the weapon can’t be identified by investigating police forces, so a Special Forces operator can escape after a successful mission safely and full plausible deniability can… Continue Reading

Special Munitions: High Explosive 12.7mm Sniper HES. Cartridge Ambush Hit Assassination Assault Ammo Bullet Devastating Elimination Special Forces Syria Marksman Warfare Combat High Caliber Rifle Battle

Not only a larger calibre cartridge is necessary for reliable elimination of an enemy at long range. To assure a fatal hit (=kill) at even 3500 meters of distance, high-explosive filling is suitable, as used in cannons. For such special purposes… Continue Reading

Special Munitions: Dum-Dum Highly Devastating Effect. Projectile Bullet Devastating Live Human Tissue Cartridge Special Forces Military Ordnance Paramilitary Combat Assault Warfare Ambush

Although modern 5.56 small-calibre military-grade ammunition provides satisfactory devastating results on fragile human tissue, there can be still cases, when usage of heightened devastating power is suitable, advantageous or even necessary for Special Forces operators. For this special purposes, Wu Corporation… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Special Munitions. Sniper Bullet Projectile Cartridge Assault Ambush Combat Battle Warfare Rifle Ordnance Explosive Poison Dum-Dum Depleted Uranium White Phosphorus Incendiary

Wu Corporation: Covering special needs of Special Forces Units… reliably! Dum-Dum Highly Devastating Effect (DD-HDE) —– HES – High Explosive 12.7mm Sniper —– DUAS – Depleted Uranium Artillery Shells —– Poisoned Projectile Ordnance (PPO) —– White Phosphorus/Incendiary (WIP) —– Plastic Penetrating Projectiles (PPP) undetectable by… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Feminine Influence

In Wu Corporation, we perceive feminine power, special skills, wide talents, colorful thinking and unique capabilities as ultimate corporate advantage Women, remember, that in Wu, the only factor, deciding your employment, are so called Special Skills: not age, education, number… Continue Reading

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Time Displacement Equipment

The Device: Rumored to be a time machine, or a dream machine, but called simply as a Time Tactical Weapon by us, is an ultimate tool of state-of-the-art warfare. Location: an underground bunker near Teplice, secret base of The Unit… Continue Reading

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – The Islamic Cleric (Military Chaplain)

Although the weak and fragemented Czech Islamic Community was never able to assert even minarets for their mosques, desecrated after 2014 Police Raid, let alone to gain official recognition of Islam by the Czech state as a religion with full… Continue Reading

The Device: PSY And Time Displacement Equipment – Intro

(see Official Presentation) —

Wu Corporation: Human Growth Hormone Plus (GH+)

Special product for bodybuilding use, with suppressed side effects of basic GH (Human Growth Hormone). Manufactured by Wu Corporation, Industrial Biotechnology division (United Northfield subsidiary) Recommended by Jiri Borkovec and Karel Fryd. —