Be Sexy Love Witch: Master of Feminity, Arts of Witchcraft, Dark Sensuality, Releasing Energy, Sensitivity, Emotions, Seduction. Master Craft, Unleash Energy, Discover Secrets, Find Destiny

You want to be a witch and master secret ancient knowledge, to unleash true power of your feminity, to become a Queen Mother? BE SEXY… BE A WITCH! WITCH: ULTIMATE FEMINITY MASTER OF FEMINITY, ARTS OF WITCHCRAFT, DARK SENSUALITY, RELEASING… Continue Reading

Special Munitions: Dum-Dum Highly Devastating Effect

Although modern 5.56 small-calibre military-grade ammunition provides satisfactory devastating results on fragile human tissue, there can be still cases, when usage of heightened devastating power is suitable, advantageous or even necessary for Special Forces operators. For this special purposes, Wu Corporation… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Feminine Influence

In Wu Corporation, we perceive feminine power, special skills, wide talents, colorful thinking and unique capabilities as ultimate corporate advantage Women, remember, that in Wu, the only factor, deciding your employment, are so called Special Skills: not age, education, number… Continue Reading

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – The Islamic Cleric (Military Chaplain)

Although the weak and fragemented Czech Islamic Community was never able to assert even minarets for their mosques, desecrated after 2014 Police Raid, let alone to gain official recognition of Islam by the Czech state as a religion with full… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Human Growth Hormone Plus (GH+)

Special product for bodybuilding use, with suppressed side effects of basic GH (Human Growth Hormone). Manufactured by Wu Corporation, Industrial Biotechnology division (United Northfield subsidiary) Recommended by Jiri Borkovec and Karel Fryd. —

Tales from a Mosque (10): The Infidel Wedding

Near the suburbs of a large Austrian city, where Imam Faraj’s mosque was standing, there was a baroque mansion, hidden between dark woods, belonging to the noble Mandorff family for almost 200 years. It was close enough to the city centre,… Continue Reading

Islamic State allegedly stole a weapon of mass persuasion. Consequences could be immense

When it was publicly introduced last year, that a new generation of extremely effective weaponry is coming into the wide military use by NATO armies, in the form of so called PSY weapons, based on the latest technology and A-PSYOPS, an… Continue Reading

PSY Weapons for Peace: Sustainable. Clean. Efficient. Defeating Terror, Protecting Civilians

After long and hard research, we came with an ultimate invention, to counter Islamic State terrorists, and various subversive sects: so called PSY weapons, unique and new, who bring the future and a hope for peace and stability in the… Continue Reading

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Armament/Weaponry

For fulfilling its demanding paramilitary combat tasks, particularly in the Middle Eastern region, where the future of the world is shaped nowadays and the Islamic State has to be defeated, the Unit uses unique weaponry. After “Avenger 2”, highly classified… Continue Reading

Creating a New woman

When The Corporation was established long time ago, one of her principal mission was to give people what they want, what they need, what they desire. No wonder, that our projects were always directed this way, and a human was… Continue Reading