Women of Islam: Woroud Sawalha. Palestine Muslim Hijab Woman Sport Athlete Islam Runner Olympics Inspiration Allah Palestinian Devotion Liberation Leader Gaza Jerusalem Islamic Missionary Female

During 2012 London Olympic Games, all the Palestinian squirrels of Jerusalem gathered, to become the biggest fans and supporters of Woroud Sawalha (*1991), a shining deputy of Islam at the ultimate sport competition, an inspiring young female, who represented the… Continue Reading

Gilsel Slawada Slawa: The Superior Female Body. Fake god godess Prophet Illuminati Mastermind Conspiracy Propaganda Mind Control Slavery. Gender Warfare Matriarchy. Ultimate Feminity

Indeed, life of poor infidels is full of naked female bodies, they want it like that, or they rather don’t have any choice, so those wandering fools live in neverending and devastating flow of arousal, sexuality and visual irritation, to… Continue Reading

Michal Hrdlicka: Codename Woman’s Dream. VIP Paramilitary Liaison Officer Operative. Czech Special Forces Operator Asset. Seduction TV Presenter Model Respect Army Career Socialite

One of the most reputated, elite human assets of the Czech Special Forces, Active Measures (AMG) department, is Michal Hrdlicka (designated as Asset A25, codename WOMAN’S DREAM), a well known Czech socialite, intelligent and handsome sport TV presenter in very good physical shape, who… Continue Reading

Women of Islam: Doaa Elghobashy. Egypt Olympics Hijab Muslim Female Woman Against Naked Infidel Bodies. Sport Volleyball Islam Allah Obedience Modesty Dress 2016 Rio De Janeiro Nada Meawad

The decadent sport of beach volleyball is particularly favorite between infidel lustful infidel men, as the female competitors face each other only in bikini swimsuits, revealing their female gifts widely, so the male watchers can satisfy their endless desire for… Continue Reading

Petra Kvitova: Wimbledon Champion In Hijab. Begging Allah For Favors, Protection, Victory

Professional sport is a very ruthless game with high stakes indeed, where you need to defeat many merciless enemies, and overcome various obstacles and negative circumstances in your career: risks of injuries, loss of performance, aging, evil competitor wolves, who… Continue Reading

Islamic State Enters Professional Sport to get full control of Western society and resources

Earlier today, it was revealed by tabloid media, that malicious Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL), the ultimate terrorist organization of human history, pampered by various powers secretly, deploys massive covert effort to get control of worldwide professional sport, in order to… Continue Reading

Women of Islam: Albatool Jahaf

Islam is the religion of peace, freedom, morality, truth, and good examples. For any Muslim, it’s a completely natural mission to do good righteous deeds for his or her vicinity, to inspire others, to feel purpose and mission, given by… Continue Reading

Women of Islam: Eman Ghaleb. Czech Islamic Elite

At the northwest part of Czech Republic, close to the border with Germany, in a relatively poor mountain region, there is a small, apparently insignificant city with massive Islamic presence and influence, called Teplice, known only by thermal spa, which… Continue Reading

Udělám z tebe hvězdu!

„Říkáte teda vojenskej hip hop,” pravil špičkový hudební producent a současně marketingový mág Vébr, jehož konzultaci si nadporučík se Švejkem vyžádali. Měl v branži zasloužené renomé, protože se jako jeden z mála dokázal ničemu nedivit, nic neodsuzovat, a naopak ve… Continue Reading

Zahraj mi loutkový divadýlko

„Pane obrlajtnant,” vpadl Švejk nadporučíkovi do kanceláře bez zaklepání, „máte chvíli času? Poďte se mnou někam ven, vyvenčit se, dyk tu sedíte celej den, čerstvej vzduch vám prospěje, a vaše pracovní vejkonnost pude strmě nahóru!” nenechal nadřízeného ani odpovědět. Ten… Continue Reading