DBP: Defending Blue Planet – Ecology Activism Public Interest Protection Nature Civic Protest

Defending Blue Planet (DBP) Loud Protest Civic Activism Public Interest Supervision Ecology Public Relations Legal Warfare Subversion Direct Action “Our Health And Our Planet Are They Only Treasures We Really Have.” —

Sun Meiying, Chinese TV Presenter, BCTV News Beijing, Global Broadcast, Communist Party China CPC, Propaganda, Media Ops, Chinese Conspiracy Global Dominance, Subversion, Sabotage, Support

Sun Meiying BCTV News, Beijing, China state television Voice of Chinese Communist Party (CPC) and Ministry of State Security (MSS) Supports Chinese global dominance Supports loudly many subversive organizations and groups, to undermine Europe, and make it prone to Chinese… Continue Reading

Islamic Conspiracy: Allah The Best Of All Deceivers. Muslim Islam God Deity Religion Faith Dominance World Superiority Submission Control Authority Command Deception Subversion Division Victory

The religion of Islam raises much of interest today. European citizens are eager to know more, as they feel, that Islam and Allah are the key factors of their future, their success, acquiring freedom, peace, morality and happiness, finding purpose… Continue Reading

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Intro. Elite Paramilitary Military Conspiracy Czech Army Special Forces SPECOPS Executive Action Assassin Commando VIP Secret Classified Covert Clandestine Subversion

★ Special Unit C102: PSYOPS ★ Create ★ Persuade ★ Influence Special Operations PSYOPS ★ INFOOPS ★ SPECOPS Public Relations ★ Public Affairs ★ Civil Affairs Elite paramilitary formation of the Special Forces of the Czech Army, created deliberately outside… Continue Reading